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I mostly live off of bread and cheese. Seriously, growing up I would eat probably too many grilled cheeses. I tend to cling to anything with bread or cheese in it. Being a picky eater has made my life a lot harder because I simply don’t like the tastes of a lot of foods. I tend to shy away from anything spicy or from other cultures. I really wished I liked more foods but I can’t control my taste buds which is often hard to explain to people. If you experience ridicule from friends and family about being a picky eater, it is important that you try not to belittle yourself or see it as a personal failure. You can’t control whether you like the taste of something, nor should you force yourself to continue eating a food you don’t like. Tailor your meals to include many tastes that you enjoy as well as something new so you’re not left with an entire meal that you don’t like.

The reason that I’m nervous to try new foods is that I am very mindful of food waste. I don’t want to cook an entire new meal and then not like it and have to throw it away. My idea to combat this issue would be to try a bite of others’ meals whenever possible so you don’t have to feel guilty about wasting food. It’s easier said than done to simply try more foods. It is important to have loved ones who support you no matter what and don’t force you to try things or make you feel bad about something you can’t control. If we can push ourselves out of our comfort zone just a little bit each day, our experiences and pallets will become richer!


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My name is Amanda Precopio, and I am currently a senior Film Media major at the University of Rhode Island. I am one of the Campus Correspondents for URI's HerCampus Chapter!
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