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Call Her Daddy: The Podcast Survival Guide No One Asked For, but Everyone Needs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

We are in an era where you could read an entire book without looking at a single page, talk to someone face to face from thousands of miles away and medically diagnose yourself just by looking up your symptoms (please don’t do that though it’s stupid and you’re going to convince yourself that you have stage 4 lung cancer when you really just have a chest cold). Why am I stating the obvious and sounding like your grandparents that dwell on the fast progression of technology these days you ask?

I’m talking about podcasts baby.

Podcasts were honestly not that popular a few years ago. It was one of the few apps we put in a folder along with its friends the Compass, Health, Stocks, Tips and Newsstand. When people bring up a podcast it initially reminds you of something your uncle would listen to in the car on their commute to work about something spiritual or educational. However, I have an announcement. Some of you are aware of the brand/company “Barstool Sports.” If you live under a rock, it’s basically a social media platform that’s basically Buzzfeed on crack. It features anything from sports updates, celebrity scandals and the infamous “Saturdays are for the Boys” slogan. Within the past couple of years, Barstool has expanded its database beyond their website about news and merchandise. They have a multitude of platforms on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, featuring a broad range of shows and topics.

One of their shows which happens to be a Podcast (and my personal favorite) is called “Call Her Daddy.”

It’s hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn and every week they upload a new podcast. But what makes “Call Her Daddy” so amazing and genius? The two NYC bound ladies dive right into all of your sexual and relationship issues and topics that everyone wants to know about but are too afraid to ask.

It’s vulgar, dirty, sexual, and inappropriate. Some may say its too much. Some may say these girls are crazy. Some may even think that it’s degrading and encourages inappropriate and self-deprecating behaviors. But you know what I have to say? Fuck off. Everyone is so concerned about their image and how they appear to others. Whether you’re called a slut or a prude, everyone is watching and judging. But that’s just human nature. If you see someone on the side of the road at 2 a.m. with black thigh highs and a cheetah bodysuit stumbling around, you’re bound to make assumptions.

No one wants to be “that girl” or “that guy” when it comes to dating, hooking up or just going out, but Alex and Sofia not only expose but in some way shed a light on the grotesque behaviors all of us have seen and possibly been through. If you want to be a homie hopper, just do it. If you want to look through your boyfriend’s phone, go for it. If you’re confused about the current status of a relationship and aren’t sure what to do, just lay it out on the table. This podcast is obviously geared towards college students and young adults, however, there are probably a few 13-year-olds roaming around on iTunes listening to Alexandra Cooper dive deep into the details of the Gluck Gluck 9000, but that’s the internet.

Everyone knows that it’s pretty much impossible to prevent anyone from being completely censored from any NSFW content on the internet. Okay, Leila, we know the background of the podcast and some shit about it but what’s the point of this? To be completely blunt, I don’t know. This isn’t a rating, this isn’t a warning, and this isn’t an ad.

This is just me, supporting Alex and Sofia for grabbing the internet by the balls and saying “Bitch: our word now, Sex: It gets freaky don’t be shy, and Daddy: not just your father”.

**Podcasts available on iTunes and Spotify: New Episodes Every Wednesday**

Hey everyone! I'm Leila Fine and I'm a sophomore at URI majoring in Journalism and Film Media! I'm from Rockland County, NY Insta: leilaafine