The Best "Beauty Gurus" to Watch on YouTube

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my HerCampus profile! If you are unaware of where that introduction came from then you have clearly never seen beauty guru number one on this list. Anyway, we’ll get back to that in a second. Here is a list of my personal favorite makeup artists to watch on YouTube and why. Yes, I am aware that James Charles is not here. Please don’t hate me! And yes, I also considered putting Shane Dawson on this list since he is a new-found beauty guru with his Conspiracy palette having just launched at the beginning of the month. I did, however, decide to keep it simple. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1) Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is one of the OG’s of YouTube and if you didn’t know that, then you might have just crawled out from under a rock…. no offense. The thing I like most about Jeffree is his colorful makeup looks! They really inspire me to create looks I never would have thought to have create. He mixes shades of various colors and color stories that are simply so unique. Just the other day he uploaded a video where he mixed a brown crease with a metallic grey on the lid. I know it sounds lame, but I was always under the impression that mixing the warm neutrals with the cool neutrals were a no-no. Leave to Jeffree to always keep you on your toes!

Courtesy of Pixabay


2) Tati Westbrook 

Tati is actually another dinosaur of YouTube. She has been around almost as long as Jeffree. She certainly sticks to more every-day wearable looks as she gravitates towards a more neutral color story which is definitely good when you’re looking for some inspiration for the family holiday party. She adds subtle touches of glam that spice up any look just the right amount without it being too overbearing. The thing that I like most about Tati’s videos are that she gives brutally honest reviews no matter if the company is endorsing her or not. I often find myself going to her channel when I’m in search for some new trusty products to spice up my routine or if I’m trying to decide if the latest trendy item is worth the splurge. 

3) Nikki Tutorials 

Now I am not quite sure how long Nikki has been on YouTube, and while I do not believe it has been nearly as long as Jeffree or Tati, she has been around for quite a bit. Nikki definitely sticks to GLAM looks! If you want to stroll into that holiday party with glitter on your lips, then I’m 98% sure she has a tutorial on how to perfect the glitter lip. In terms of color and glitter, I think she is a good mix between Tati and Jeffree when it comes to her looks. She’s certainly not subtle but she also may work that hot pink into the waterline and not cover her brow bone with it. For this reason, I think she’s a good in between point if neither of the above beauty gurus float your boat.

Courtesy of Pixabay