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Belle from Beauty & The Beast is My Homie

Like most little girls, I grew up loving Disney! From the ridiculously catchy songs to the funny townspeople to the predictable, yet magical romances, I was easily happy once someone put on Cinderella and gave me a tray of snacks (some things never change, actually…) [bf_image id="q2wim2-1wj21k-dxcauf"] Whether I had had a bad day at school or a tooth pulled, Disney princesses could always make it better and always make me feel a little more okay.   

Despite my love for all Disney princesses--I truly did not discriminate--there was one that was specifically appealing to me.

I didn’t necessarily care for Beauty and the Beast. The beast was a glorified yak, Cogsworth and Lumiere annoyed me, and Marius was only relevant for the first 30 minutes of the movie. Belle, though--she was where it was at. I loved her at the beginning of the movie, running through flowered fields dreaming of a better life and charming the old bookseller. I loved her rejecting Gaston and his unwanted advances and helping her father when he had trapped by a cruel and unforgiving creature. I loved her in the castle, befriending the servants while waiting for the beast to get over himself. I loved her pink furry hood and her yellow dress and her apron. Frankly, Belle was my girl. 

[bf_image id="q5das8-a1wrhs-661m51"]

In retrospect, regardless of how funny or entertaining she or the movie was, my love for Belle went deeper and more important than any song or dance. Belle was not just a beautiful girl or a princess or even someone who could sing. She was smart and she was powerful and she was important, and why? Because she was reading a book. From the first time I watched Beauty and The Beast to my running to see it in live-action with Emma Watson--my other bookish childhood idol--the story has brought me joy through its strong female characters, and all of their noise. 

My name is Julia Unger. I am a senior English & Writing/Rhetoric major with a Gender & Women's Studies minor. In my spare time, I enjoy watching Netflix, buying Bath & Body Works Candles, and eating dark chocolate.
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