Being Home for Break

Being home for break brings back so many different emotions. You are happy to be home and see all your friends that you’ve grown up with, but you miss being with your college friends whom you’ve spent every day with for the past three months. You get bored at the thought of having nothing to do for over an hour, but also want to just relax and catch up on some down time. It’s a whirlwind of feelings that you don’t have control over.

Being home brings back old memories, the good and the bad. It reminds you of the people who may not be in your life anymore but were less than a year ago. It reminds you of all the fun things you did in your hometown with all your friends throughout those high school years. It brings you back to your past life, allowing you to rekindle relationships with your high school friends and talk about all your new experiences. You can also see how everyone has changed over the course of so many months a part. But it also brings you back to some things you have tried to forget about while away at school. Now you're forced to deal with it for the month you are home. Being home means family. It means being able to spend the holidays with the people who you love most. Being able to lounge around in more than one small room and have an actual kitchen, your own bed and transportation at the turn of a key.

Sometimes, we take being home for granted. We complain of how bored we are and how much we want to be back on campus, me included... however we should enjoy break while it’s here. Before we know it, a month will have gone by and we will be packing back up for second semester, and who knows we may be sad to go back to school when that time comes again. So enjoy the down time while you can, enjoy being bored, enjoy seeing those people and being with those family members. Let all those good things home brings, outweigh the bad that home may also bring and enjoy it while it lasts.