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Basic Instagrams We’re All Guilty Of Posting

Whether or not we’re willing to admit it, we’ve all been guilty of posting these photos at least once on our instagrams.  There’s no denying it, we’ve all been that basic chick!


1. MCM or WCW of your boyfriend/girlfriend, or, if you’re single, your pet

2. Any other typical day of the week posts

3. Your dinner date captioned “Dinner with a view”

4. The sunset or the sky after a sunset

5. A collage for your BFF’s birthday

6. The infamous hotdogs or legs beach pic

7. The trendy yogi picture

8. Coffee at a café

9. Airplane wing when traveling

10. Any and everything relating to Starbucks

11. A fresh from the salon selfie, typically captioned “Change is good”

12. The much needed relaxing wine night photo

13. Taking a bubble bath

14. A #MyCalvins pic

15.  A throwback to warm weather and tan skin, because you miss it.

but more importantly because it’s a photo of you in a bikini

16. Snowfall

Incase anyone hadn’t checked the weather that day yet.

17. A fresh manicure.

I’ve always wondered who the masked photographer of these is.

18. A gym or gymclothes selfie

19. City graffiti

Because you’re cultured and just love the fine arts

20. Brunch

If you didn’t take a picture did you actually go?


URI Class of 2016. Health promotion major, Kinesiology minor, from Massachusetts. Sub-par lacrosse player, expert pizza eater. I'm probably obsessed with your dog. Follow me on Instagram: @tamelesss or Twitter: @tameless
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