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8 Signs You’re the “Mom Friend” of the Group

Do you constantly find yourself taking care of your belligerently drunk friends after a night out on the town, or telling your friend not to text that one guy who cheated on her in high school? Maybe you are the Mom Friend, and you should be proud of yourself because it’s not always easy. Here are the 8 signs you might be the mom of your friend group.

You’re Constantly Told You’re “More Mature” Than People Your Age

You’ll usually hear this compliment (because it definitely is one) from people older than you, whether that be a professor or an authoritative figure of sorts. This might be obvious, but moms are full of wisdom, and with wisdom comes maturity. You might find yourself doing those “mature” tasks, like making appointments for mani-pedis over the phone for you and your friends, or being the one to arrange plans in an organized manner in the group chat because no one else bothers to answer.

You’re the Peacemaker in Your Friend Group

Have you ever been in the midst of a heated argument between two of your friends, and had no choice but to settle it? You’re not one to get into those kinds of arguments, because you know that it’s usually not worth it. Still, you don’t want to see your besties nearly kill each other, so you set them down to talk rationally about their feelings. If this sounds like you, you might just be the mom friend. You care too much about your bonds with people to let those arguments cease your friendships.

You Make Sure Your Friends Are Happy and Healthy

Just like a real mom, you have a natural tendency to make sure people are happy, and when they aren’t, you genuinely get upset from it. Mom friends typically ask how their friend’s days were, make sure they eat right and take their vitamins to be as happy and healthy as possible. Along with that, you always make sure they are included in your schedule because a big part of the mom friend’s day is making sure her friends are having a good time, even if they just tag along for a cup of coffee before class.

You’re Basically a Built-In Therapist

You are the one your besties come to when they have a problem, big or small. They seek your advice and wisdom because they know you will always have their backs. You’re honest and give them advice they need to hear, not just want. And if they’re crying, it’s usually on your shoulder. Your friends trust you more than most and are willing to tell you their deepest and darkest secrets because they know it’ll be confidential, just like a therapist.

You Have “Mom” Hobbies

While your less mom-like friends are out at a party, you might find yourself at home with a bowl of popcorn, wine, and a rom-com. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? You might also enjoy curling up in bed with your S/O (or with your pet) re-watching Friends for the 17th time this month. You may also enjoy doing laundry. Especially, when you master how to fold that one annoying cropped, distressed long sleeve top, or no-show socks.

People Call You “Innocent”

This one’s a backhanded compliment, and can actually be quite irritating to hear on a daily basis, but in a way, it’s true. You probably hear your friends talking about their weird hookups or hot guys they meet at the gym all day long. Although you may have some similar experiences, you rarely go into crazy detail about it. Smile and nod, that’s all you gotta do.

Your Bag Is Technically a Convenience Store

Pens, ibuprofen, tampons, gum, bandaids. You have all of that, and more. You probably even have a 3-course meal in there somewhere. Even though your bag is always packed as if you’re going on a month-long trip to a foreign country, you rarely use any of it, but your friends don’t shy away from asking for stuff. If your friend falls and starts bleeding everywhere, don’t worry, just get the first-aid kit out of your purse and help them!

You’re the Official Designated Driver

Let’s be real, you’re probably too worried about the assignments you have due in two weeks to let loose on a weekday, so your friends insist (even you might insist) on being the designated driver to and from the club. While your friends are screaming the lyrics to Taylor Swift in the back, you’re trying to focus on the road while making sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt. Oh, and you definitely have to occasionally lower the volume a few notches so you can “concentrate.”

If you relate to these eight signs, you probably are the “mom friend,” and that is something to be proud of! Your friend group would need some serious help without you. Honestly – you should be getting paid for this!

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