6 Times Bella Hadid Rocked Denim on Denim

World renowned model, Bella Hadid, has been a style icon since she was a young girl. However, as she’s gained popularity throughout the past few years, her personal sense of fashion has escalated into a sporty, sexy and effortlessly chic style. Although Hadid can pull off basically anything and everything, one of her most iconic looks is wearing denim on top of denim.

While some other celebrities look as though they’ve stepped out of the wild west (which is still cool), Hadid wears her full denim outfits in a modern and spunky way, with chains, in the form of jumpsuits or embroidered. Pairing her denim on denim with the perfect pair of edgy boots, Hadid’s ability to wear entirely denim outfits without any sweat is an inspiring style. Here are six different denim on denim look she’s pulled off in the most effortless way.