5 New Emojis You Need To Know About

Apple recently came out with new emojis in their latest iOS update that includes a whole new range of different types of people, animals, and foods. In the past, Apple has tried to include all types of people but has always fallen short. Update by update, Apple has managed to include more races and cultures but still has a long way to go in the eyes of the media. However, the latest update did take a huge leap in the right direction by adding emojis to represent the persons with disabilities community.

  1. 1. Prosthetic Arm and Leg

    An awesome addition to the now wide array of emojis are the prosthetic limb emojis! A prosthetic arm and leg were included in silver and matte dark silver colors. Both look fairly realistic with attention to small details like bolts, screws, and difference in shading on separate parts of each limb. The prosthetic arm is in a proud bicep curl position that emanates confidence and power. The leg is wearing a trendy red athletic sneaker that adds the perfect finishing touch to the emoji. Both are great additions that now include the part of the population that use and rely on prosthetics in their everyday lives.

  2. 2. Wheelchairs and Motorized Scooters

    The inclusion of people who use wheelchairs and motorized scooters was another excellent extension of the emoji collection. Both can be sent with males or females sitting in the chairs, or they can be sent to people with no one sitting in them. The wheelchair is a plain gray and is shown in a side view. The scooter is red with three wheels and is also shown from a side view. Again, both of these emojis open up a brand new world of inclusion for people with disabilities that now have representation through this new release of emojis.

  3. 3. Guide Dogs and Service Dogs

    The most adorable new emojis by far are the service dogs and guide dogs. The service dog is wearing a red vest with a blue leash and appears to be either a black labrador retriever or labradoodle. Either way, it looks like the perfect fluffy friend that helps out millions of people around the world. The guide dog has a harness and handle on with a blue-collar and looks to be either a golden labrador or a golden retriever. With it being equally as cute as the service dog emoji, it is also a perfect way to include representation for people with service dogs.

  4. 4. Gender-Neutral Emojis

    The gender-neutral emojis were added as full body and face emojis. They are all sporting white collared short-sleeve shirts, grey trousers, and black boots. They also all have middle hair lengths that could be seen as both masculine or feminine, or neither. They also come in multiple skin tones and were added as options for every human action emoji for full representation. However, although the addition of this emoji is a great step in the right direction, many people are underwhelmed by Apple’s representation of gender-neutral people.

  5. 5. Deaf and Blind Communities

    Multiple different emojis were added in order to give complete and proper representation to the deaf and blind communities. Regarding the deaf community, male and female emojis were included in faces signing with a hand. An ear emoji with a behind-the-ear hearing aid was included as well. For the blind community, emojis of males and females walking with white canes were added, as well as just a white cane by itself. This was an especially long-needed addition to the set of emojis that can now happily be utilized by both communities.

What emojis would you like to see Apple come out with next?