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We’ve all been there, there’s so much to be done yet you have absolutely no desire or drive to do it, no matter how important it may be. There’s always something more interesting on our phones or going on in the next room, but when it’s time to be productive, finding ways to beat procrastination is essential.

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1. Find a Study Buddy

Sometimes studying in a group can be distracting, but partnering up with one person from your class can be extremely helpful. You can motivate and keep eachother on task while working towards the same deadlines. Talking through the material with another person can help cement the information into your brain, as opposed to just listening to it in lecture.

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2. Put your Phone Away

Okay, this one can be difficult, but our phones are a huge source of distraction when we need to be doing literally anything else. By putting your phone in your bag or desk drawer, you’re going to think twice before you pull it out to scroll through Instagram yet again. By eliminating the time you spend on social media, you free up so much time in your life.

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3. Designate a Study Space

The library is always a good place to get work done, but on the days that you don’t feel like lugging all your books to the top of campus, it’s important to study in a space with few distractions. Having a clean desk can be a huge help when it comes to productivity. If you don’t have the space in a crowded dorm room, try out a study lounge in your building.

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4. Make To-Do Lists

Writing out the things that need to be accomplished gives you a great visual of how you should budget your time for the day. List out everything from homework assignments to your cleaning schedule, and you’ll be motivated to stay on task and accomplish all your goals for the day. Who doesn’t love the satisfaction of crossing off items on your list?


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