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37 Stages of a Weekend in Narragansett

After the first… Okay, maybe the second week of school slowly passes, on comes the routine of living for the weekend. Monday’s suck, Tuesday’s are whatever, Wednesday’s are a tease. Thursday’s are alright if you don’t have Friday classes, but if you do, you know exactly how five long days of classes feels. Leaving campus for the next two, or three days makes you feel nothing less than #BLESSED.

A night out in college goes differently depending on where you go to school. Here at URI, our weekends consist of crowded house parties, reckless daytime-backyard shennanigans, standing in a one-in-one-out line at Charlie O’s or Bonvue, or the occasional concert or fun event. If you’re a repeat offender of any (or all) of these things, the following experiences may feel oddly familiar…


1. It’s Wednesday night and your friends are going out to some random bar called Wheel House? What even is that?

2. Apparently, it’s “the new Pancho’s.” As if the world needs another Pancho’s.

3. You can’t go out anyway because you have an exam at 11a.m. that you just remembered about.

4. While spending your night cramming for the exam, you desperately text your friends about plans tomorrow.

5. The ones you really want to go with aren’t going, but you’re not passing up Bonvue this weekend.

6. You spend all day Thursday in class, while simulataneously thinking about what you’re going to wear to the Zoo tonight.

7. No Friday classes… Bring on the weekend.

8. Screaming down the hall to your roommates… “DOES ANYONE ELSE NEED TO GO TO SCHWABBY’S?” Will you come with me anyway? I’ll play the new Beyoncé song.

9. Running into everyone you know at the liquor store.

10. Pregaming the pregame. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

11. Am I skinny enough to wear this?

12. My roommate wore this last night… WHATEVS.

13. Asking your roommate if you can also borrow the pants, shoes, and necklace she wore yesterday.

14. Deciding between an EDM or gangsta rap playlist for the pregame.

15. Spending more time at the pregame taking photos than actually drinking.

16. When the Uber arrives.

17. Standing in a one-in-one-out line.

18. When you finally enter the Zoo.

19. Running into your ex.

20. Running into your ex’s new girlfriend.

21. Spilling Vodka-Cran on your white top.

22. When you think that guy walking up to you is a total hottie. That is, until he gets a little closer…

23. Not getting into an Eastward party because they literally cannot fit one more human into the house.

24. Knowing someone who lives there so you get in anyways.

25. Not knowing whether a house is in old or new Eastward.

26. Then realizing it’s all the way in Bonnet Shores.

27. Finding at least one drunk and lost person on your way home.

28. When the bars close at 1a.m. but you’re nowhere near ready to stop partying.

29. Drunk dialing that cute boy in your Spanish class. Holaaaaaaaaaa… Queso, taco, guapo!

30. The dreaded “NO UBER AVAILABLE.”

31. Calling every single person in your contacts for a ride home when Uber has failed you. No one answers.

32. When one of your roommates doesn’t make it home. You know what they’re up to…

33. Friday morning: I regret nothing.

34. Wondering why there’s Tostito’s all over your bed.

35. Remembering how much you ate last night.

36. Repeat stages 7-35.

37. Sunday morning: I regret everything.

Sabrina is a senior at URI studying public relations. She is originally from MA but has found a home in the Ocean State. A peer mentor, sister of Kappa Delta sorority, and HC Campus Correspondent at URI, she loves being involved on campus. If she could describe herself in a few words, she would say she's a driven individual with a huge heart who's obsessed with all things fashion, music, and adventurous.
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