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3 Girls Get Honest About Masturbation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

When it comes to getting off solo, we tend to think that men are more frequent flyers to pleasure town.  However, you’d be surprised to find out just how normal it is for many of our women on campus to self-employ.  There’s something bizarrely interesting about sex, and for those of you who are too shy or, well, respectful to ask the *dirrrrty* details of female masturbation, fear not!  I got incredibly personal with three URI ladies about their petting patterns. Q: How often do you masturbate?

P1: 2-3x a week.

P2: Probably same, then I have actual sex like once a week.

P3: Maybe once a week on average.


Q:  What do you use?

P1: Good old Jill. *she says as she raises her right hand*

P2: I don’t have anything besides myself.  I need a vibrator.

P3:  My vibrator.  It is the best gift I have ever gotten. 


Q:  Do you masturbate to porn?

P1: Always.

P2: Yes.

P3: Absolutely, but sometimes I don’t need it–I’ll just close my eyes.  One time I literally didn’t even need to touch myself; I pretty much just got-off doing kegels.  I don’t know, it was weird.


Q:  What kind of porn?

P1: *giggling* I like like rough ones or verbal ones.  Threesomes.

P2:  I like ones with lots of talking.  Not those shitty homemade ones.

P3:  I watch some really weird shit.  Can I pass on this question?


Q:  Fav pornstar?

P1: I used to have one. India Summer?  I think that’s her name.  Wait, was it supposed to be a guy?

P2:  I don’t have one.  I don’t know any.

P3:  Mine’s a girl too.  Rachel Starr all the way.


Q:  Have you ever phone sexed?

P1: Yeah! Me and my boyfriend have done it more than once.  Not often, and I never initiate it, he does.

P2:  NO! That is so awkward.  I guess if he [my boyfriend] was far I would.

P3:  Quite a bit, honestly.


Q:  Do you think masturbating is important?

P1:  Yeah, because orgasms.

P2:  Yeah I think it’s healthy.  It’s a stress reliever, a pain reliever and a heartbreak reliever.

P3:  Exaclty, and it’s a great way to just be comfortable in your sexuality, plus it gives you some ideas to practice in real life.  But, I mean, I guess it’s not for everyone.


URI Her Campus President, Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief! Jersey Girl. Public Relations & Communication Studies double major. Class of 2O17. Usually at the beach, probably petting the closest dog.