25 Signs Chandler Bing Is Your Spirit Animal

1. He has no idea what his plans are for the future:

2. Dancing isn’t his strong point:

3. He’s terrible at advice:

4. He tends to speak before he thinks:

5. Food over everything:

6. He’s very goal oriented:

7. Two words: Grand Entrance. Because the party doesn’t start until he walks in:

8. He’s easily entertained:

9. Feelings? What are those?:

10. Sarcasm is second nature to him:

11. Sleep is so important he's even impressed himself with some tricks:

12. He hates people:

13.  Alcohol instantly puts a smile on his face:

14. Inappropriate comments just slip out of his mouth:

15. He’s nonconfrontational:

16. Baths are the best way to relax at the end of a long day, or any day:

17. He lives for bad puns:


18. Babies melt his heart:

19. Starting conversations isn’t exactly easy:

20. He's just accepted that his friends have no faith in him:

21. Because he and his friends are the least bit responsible when they're together:

22.  He's extremely competitive:

23. His life is a mess but he deals with it the best way he can:

24. He struggles with single life:

25. Lastly, he's fallen victim to word vomit plenty of times: