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15 Undeniable Signs Your Roommate Is Actually Your Significant Other

She’s the Blair to your Serena, and the Meredith to your Crisitna. You and your roommate spend so much time together people might have even mistaken you for dating before, but you just agreed and carried on without a care.  Here are some undeniable signs you and your roommate have crossed that friend line, and have moved on to the next step in your relationship!


1. You snuggle in bed all day when you’re sad and/or hung over.

2. Dinner and brunch dates are a regular occasion.

*Bonus points if you go to dinner with their parents when they’re in town.

3. Your friends are friends with your roommate’s friends.

4. You get antsy when they go away.

5. Sometimes you even get antsy when they just have a busy day of classes.


6. You greet them every time they come back like it’s been forever.

7. You cook for each other.

8. You drink together.

9. If you go out without them people notice and ask where they are.

10. You spill your heart out to each other.

11. So you know everything about each other.

12. And get defensive if someone thinks they know them better.

13. Your actual significant other (if you have one) knows that they come second.

14. You don’t judge them for their quirks.

15. Lastly, you love them the most, regardless of the disgusting habits they may have.

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