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11 Things Girls With Brothers Understand

1. You learn not to take life too seriously.

Your brothers teach you not to sweat the small stuff. Do you ever hear him complaining about stupid drama? No, because boys are drama-less creatures and teach you how to let the little things go. He’s probably also made fun of you since the day you were born. Why? Because he can(and he loves you, not that he’ll ever admit it!). It’s not that he means these insults, he just loooves that they annoy you. You learn to laugh at his stupid jokes and to take them with a grain of salt; but remember, no one else can say these things to you but him.

2. You don’t have to pay for body guards, you were born with them.

Your brothers basically examine every boy you bring home with a fine-tooth comb and then make fun of them to your mom. Why? Because they believe no one is good enough for you. You can also add his best friends to your list of body guards as well.

3. You know everything there is to know about sports.

You try and tell your guy friends you’re a huge football fan and you get the “Oh yeah? What’s the coach’s son’s girlfriend’s name?” But guess what, you’ve got all of the answers! So be thankful your brothers always had ESPN playing throughout the house. It pays off when you need to do some trash talking.  


4. You learn to be tough because when you’re growing up in a house full of boys, being tough is the only option you have.

Being a girl doesn’t save you from getting beat up, sit on, or simply thrown around like a rag doll. You think they’ll play ‘two-hand touch football’ with you just because you’re a girl? Think again! My three brothers taught me not only how to punch and tackle but also how to get down and dirty. I’d like to thank them for giving me my tough, tomboy side.

5. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your clothes.

Hearing my friends complaining about their sisters stealing their clothes is something of a foreign language to me, but boy, am I happy I never had to experience it. You never have to worry about someone taking too long in the bathroom, using your make up, or having to share a room. Let’s be honest, you’re basically the princess of the house. 

6. Instead of going to your girlfriends for advice all the time, you can get a boy’s point of view on life, relationships, anything.

Some of the best advice I’ve gotten about relationships have come from my brothers because they know how guys work! They don’t want to see you get hurt so sit down and buckle up because you’re about to get hit with some truth.

7. He thinks you need help with everything.

Carrying groceries, driving, filling up your gas tank. I might be taking a little long to open this jar but I’ll do it, just watch me!

8. But when you actually need his help, he’s always there.

You’ll probably never need to learn how to change your oil, put air in your tires, put together that desk in your room, or even set up your new printer! When in doubt, ask your bro for help. He might act annoyed, but I think he secretly loves being needed by his sis.


9. He’s bossy and annoying.

For some odd reason he believes he’s your second father and gets to boss you around…

Until he loosens up and joins the party!

10. He ALWAYS knows how to make you laugh.

Whenever you need some cheering up, always go to your brothers! Besides your parents, they know you best.   

11. He will always be your partner in crime.

Your brothers are your best friends. So what you don’t have a sister to braid each others hair and do each others make up? Instead you learn how to play video games and tackle football. Let’s be honest ladies, its MUCH more fun and that’s how you get close to his cute friends.

…And your biggest competition.

But we love them anyway.

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