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10 Reasons Why Freshman Year is the Best

Freshman year was one for the books. Looking back, it was more fun than I have ever had. To those reading who are freshman, I guarentee this will be one of, if not the best,  years of college.

1. You get a fresh start. High school is long gone and no one here knows you yet, you can be anyone you want. 


2. Everything is new to you! Being a freshman opens so many doors to your future at your university.

3.  Living on campus for the first time is like a whole new world. 

4.  Everyone wants to have fun, all the time. 

5. It’s super easy to make friends, everyone is new and willing to meet new people without it feeling awkward. You never have to be alone. 

6. Your freshman year roommates or hall-mates will probably become your life long best friends.

7. You aren’t stressed about the future yet. You know you have time to figure out what you want to do, so being undecided is okay.

8. Having independence is the best feeling. You aren’t with your parents, but you don’t have the responsibilities of an adult yet. 

9. Your new-found appreciation of home. College is awesome, but nothing beats your own bed and home-cooked meals.

10. You learn countless life lessons, and come out of freshman year a more mature person.

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