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10 Reasons Why Being Single is the Best

It’s a Tuesday night, and you ask your roomies to cuddle and watch a movie only to get the response, “Sorry, *enter boyfriend’s names here* is coming over, I can’t.” You find yourself on the couch alone yet again, cuddling nothing put a pillow, crying at My Best Friend’s Wedding. You wake up to see all the boyfriends’ cars in your driveway, realizing you, once again, slept alone last night. But hey, let’s not focus on the negatives of being single.  Let’s list some positives, because trust me, there are a ton!

1. You can do WHATEVER you want.

No worrying here about, “will he be mad if I wear this,” “can I talk to that boy over there?”, “he wants me to stay in with him but I want to go out.” Nope. You are free to make decisions solely for you and worry about your own happiness. Yes, I realize this sounds a tad selfish, but let’s face it, your early 20s are your years to be selfish. 

2. You get lots of ME time.

Being single isn’t a curse.  It’s actually a great time to focus on your health and happiness. You can take up a new spin class, pick up that new book you’ve been dying to read, or even learn to make some new recipes, (that you won’t have to share I might add). The list of things you can do for you goes on and on.

3. You can avoid pointless drama.

Do you ever sit and listen to your friend complain about her boyfriend and think to yourself, “Wow, I’m happy I don’t have to deal with that”? Because I do. Half the fights in relationships are pointless and can be easily avoided. And guess what? When you’re single they don’t even exist. Yes it’s nice to have someone there all the time, but when you see your friends are fighting with their boyfriends more than being happy and enjoying their time, it just makes you feel bad for them.

4. You NEVER have to compromise.

You get to crawl in bed at night and not have to argue or persuade your SO to watch what you want to watch, or give in to their request. Your ‘recommended section’ on Netflix is strictly for what you want to watch, and what is more romantic than that?

5. Two words: Girls’ Night.

Grab your single friends, a bottle of wine, some nail polish and obviously tons of food, and you’re golden. These nights in college with your girl squad are some of the best memories you will make. It’s hard to create a balance between your friends and your s.o., but when you’re single, there’s no issue and it’s fabulous.  

6. You have the entire mattress to yourself.

You want to starfish, spread eagle, (or whatever you call it) while you sleep? Then go for it. You don’t have to worry about sharing the blanket, telling your s.o. that that is your pillow only, and you don’t have to share any room at all. You should wake up in the morning feeling well-rested and joyful knowing that you, the queen, have a king-sized bed all to yourself.

7. You don’t have to shave as much.

Let’s be honest ladies, shaving your legs in the shower can be a bit of a hassle sometimes, so being single is during the cold months is truly a blessing in disguise. You didn’t throw away the razor for good, it’s just currently on hold for a little while and that’s okay.  No rush.

8. You don’t have to watch your phone 24/7.

You’re at a party and not constantly looking at your phone, you say? I’ve never head of such a thing. We single ladies can put our phones in our bag and not worry about our SO getting mad at us for not answering fast enough. Put down the phone, pick up your cup and grab a partner, because its time to play some beer pong.

9. You can flirt with anyone you want.

Who doesn’t love getting their flirt on with whoever they see at a party? The best part is, you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Your attachment is to yourself, and whoever you feel like flirting with at the bar that night. How great is that? 

10. You can always take your time.

You can now get ready for as long as you’d like with no rush. How annoying is it when your SO. is telling you to hurry up, or trying to hide that they’re annoyed at how long we’re taking? Yeah, we see you rolling your eyes from all the way over there. Finally, you don’t have to worry about someone rushing you. Boys never understood the importance of winged-eyeliner and contouring anyway. 

Long Island grown. Double major in Public Relations and Political Science. Lover of coffee, netflix, the beach, Donald Trump & the NY Rangers.
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