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10 Gifts To Get Your Galentines This Valentine’s Day

Since the dawn of timeor I guess since the dawn of this holidaygirls have put enormous pressure on themselves to find a significant other for Valentine’s day.  Is it simply because we want a boyfriend? Are we craving a deep connection with someone every day, or just on February 14th?  Perhaps we want a cute instagram of an oversized teddy bear to post to keep up with every other girl in a relationship. You better believe a girl will make damn sure everyone knows she is not the only, dare I say it, single friend. 


As a single girl on Valentine’s Day for the past 3 years now, I can assure you that there is no shame in indulging in a box of chocolates you bought for yourself while tossing back a bottle of Merlot. Throw on an oversized T-shirt, some fuzzy socks, and put your feet up while watching recordings of The Bachelor. Trust me, you’ll feel much better about yourself after watching those women.  Who’s to say you can’t make this a holiday about loving whoever you want? Your parents, pets, siblings, friends; we all need a little extra love from time to time. That is why I splurge on my besties during this month. I know them like the back of my hand, so why not make them smile with a few of their favorite things?

Here are some perfect, affordable gifts for your BFFS. After all, us single gals have to stick together.


1. A basket of sweets

You can never go wrong with some chocolate covered strawberries.

2. Wine
What’s the maximum amount of problems wine can solve? In the wise words of Cady Heron, “The limit does not exist.” 
3. Statement Necklace 
A girl can never have too much jewlery, and statement necklaces make the perfect accesory. 
4. Mugs
If you’re anything like me, you love little things that you really don’t need.  Mugs are a go-to-guaranteed-to-make-her-smile gift.
5. Nail Polish
Who doesn’t love to add to their nail polish collection? You can find these for about $3 at any Marshalls or TJ Maxx nearby. 
6. Aromatherapy Oils 
Listen up, I swear by these. Every time I feel anxious or like a headache is coming on, I rub on some Tea Tree “De-Stress” essential oils on my temples.  It truly helps decrease my stress. Your friends will love these! 
7. Lotion
This doesn’t have to be some fancy, expensive set; your bestie will love any lotion from Bath & Body Works. 
8. Lipgloss
If you’ve been keeping up with the lastest beauty trends, you know matte lipgloss is in. I personally suggest Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick for $20. Find your girlfriend’s favorite shade and I bet she’ll be wearing it everyday. 
9. Throw Pillow
A comfy yet trendy throw pillow is the perfect accesory and gift for your friend to add to her room. 
10. Picture Frame 
The best for last: a cute picture frame of you and your best friend is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!  It’s a great way to remind her she’s loved.


So ladies, I hope this helped you find the perfect gift for your bestie(s). You can’t go wrong with any one of these and if she’s really your best friend you’ll know what she likes; whether it’s that new book she’s been meaning to buy, a trendy phone case, or her favorite flavor of ice-cream.  Valentine’s Day can get lonely if you’re single, so reminding her she’ll always have a Galentine in you is important. 

Long Island grown. Double major in Public Relations and Political Science. Lover of coffee, netflix, the beach, Donald Trump & the NY Rangers.
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