10 Discreet Places to Get a Tattoo

You’ve decided to finally go for it and get the tattoo that you’ve been wanting for a long time. You’ve probably talked about it with your friends and maybe you mentioned it once or twice to your parents to see what their reaction would be. While, in general, younger generations are more accepting of body art, grandparents, parents, professors and future employers are not as likely to be so supportive of tattoos. If your older family members are not big fans of tattoos (like mine) or you would rather get a tattoo somewhere that is easy to keep hidden from some, here is some inspiration for places to get a tattoo:


1. You don’t wear diapers anymore so there’s no reason your parents will see your butt.

2. Getting a tattoo on the inside of your ear, can easily be covered by your hair. No one will be expecting to see a tattoo on your ear, so chances are it will stay pretty well-hidden.

3. Similar to the inside of your ear, behind the ear is also a great location to get a tattoo that can easily be covered up with hair. Yes, when you put your hair in a ponytail it may be hard to disguise, but you can cross that bridge when you get there.

4. Under your boob is another place that your parents won't be seeing, unless you’re going to a beach with them and end up wearing a skimpy bikini.

5. Unless you’re wearing a backless shirt or dress, getting a tattoo on your back is a location that is hard to see on anyone...again, unless you’re in a bikini.

6. Getting a tattoo on the inside of your finger may be more out in the open than on your back, under your boob or in the inside of your ear, but it is still very subtle.  

7. Lip tattoos are ideally the perfect place to get a tattoo if you really don’t want anyone to see. Plus, they go away within five years so eventually you won’t have it anymore...it’s like a long-term semi-permanent tattoo!

8. If you get a tattoo on you bikini line, your significant other, friends who pee with you or roommates you change with every day should be the only ones who see it other than you.

9. So maybe don’t get the word “bacon” tattooed on the bottom of your foot...or do if you like it! Honestly I’m not here to judge. The bottom of your foot will go unseen for quite some time, if not forever.

10. If all else fails, get a white ink tattoo, if anyone asks questions you can always say it’s just a scar...which it technically is.