Your Zodiac Sign as a Vine/Video

We’ve all seen those Vines or hilariously strange videos on Youtube but have you ever considered which one described your zodiac sign? Well I have, so here is your zodiac sign as a Video/Vine.

  1. Aries - “Life's Short. Stunt It!” by BCTommyboy88

There isn't an adrenaline seeker quite like an Aries.

2. Taurus

“Adolfito y sus hamburguesas…” by Ignacio de la Puerta

When you get between a Taurus and their food.

3. Gemini

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Who You Pointing At?” by Ryan & Nathan's DVD Openings

Gemini’s two faces trying to figure out who is ruining everything.

4. Cancer

“I TAKE A NAP HERE (Original) - Vlog 067” by realitychangers (min. 3:00-3:45)

Cancers cry and sleep. P.S. we’re also super caring and sassy but that’s not the point.

5. Leo

“Owl Goes Boom Vine” by Danny Kendall-Torry

Leo looking the mirror.

6. Virgo

“COMPANY IS COMING” by Chris Fleming

Virgos tend to be a little bit OCD about their stuff and where they live. Here we see a Virgo right before company comes over.

7. Libra

“Max Falling Out Of Kayak” by SarOff 1234

When you leave a Libra alone this may happen.

8. Scorpio

“The Shooting AKA Dear Sister” by thelonelyisland

Scorpios backstabbing each other or just one Scorpio self-sabotaging.

9. Sagittarius

“I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me vine” by Vine Hub

Sagittarius is too badass for the rest of the zodiacs.

10. Capricorn

“What the fuck is up Kyle.” by xEczyy

When a Capricorn decides to argue for literally no reason at all.

11. Aquarius

“you could stop at five or six stores” by josh (min. 0:00-0:12)

Aquarians are self sufficient and “friends just disappoint them” #relatable.

12. Pisces

“Little girls cries and can't explain why she's sad in funny video” by Daily Mail

Pisces tend to be pretty sensitive and for the most unexpected reasons.