You NEED to Try this Korean Skin Care Line!

Belif Cosmetics is the skin care line taking Sephora by storm. This Korean cosmetics brand is known for its traditional herbal processing methods, passed down from a British herbalist since 1860, and for its in-depth knowledge of natural ingredients.

My skincare routine started with a makeup wipe and finished with water and soap, and the occasional face mask if I was feeling fancy. The idea of a skincare routine seemed foreign to me until my last trip to Sephora. After spending two hours in the store I made it to the back, looking for a moisturizer, and ended up with an organic and vegan Korean skincare routine that has me glowing!


I got my hands on this travel size Belif Cosmetics skincare bundle that has changed my skin appearance for the better. I have combination skin, which means that I have areas that are really dry and oily at the same time, like my T-Zone, while my cheeks are more hydrated. (Remember that oily ≠ hydrated!) This travel pack is perfect for when you’re searching for a new product and you’re not 100% sure if it'll work for you!

It comes with 5 easy products that vary from a cleanser to an eye cream:



The first two steps of this skincare routine are the Creamy Cleansing Foam Mist and the Bergamot herbal extract toner. The Creamy Cleansing Foam Mist is amazing for any type of skin - dry skin, oily skin or, like mine, combination skin. The cleanser goes on like a moisturizer and then turns into foam, leaving you with a soft, silky finish. The cleanser is followed by the Bergamot herbal extract toner that digs into your pores and takes care of that extra junk that cleansers fail to get rid of.



The third step is to apply the Hungarian Water Essence to deeply hydrate your skin. The essence leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed, and it helps even your skin’s moisture levels after cleansing and toning.


The fourth step is Belif’s moisturizing and firming eye cream, which works wonders against my all-nighter-infused under-eye bags. And remember, we’re never too young for eye cream!  



The final step of this refreshing skin care routine is the True Cream Aqua Bomb for your face and neck. It’s a super refreshing, weightless gel that hydrates and moisturizes your skin. I use it before applying my foundation and it works wonders!

Although I went out with the intentions of only buying a moisturizer, I ended up with an organic, vegan and refreshing skin care routine that leaves me feeling extremely hydrated with no stickiness what so ever!