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Writer’s Block and How to Deal with It

“Okay, it’s time to start writing!”


-10 minutes later-


“Okay, now it’s time to start writing!”


-1 hour later-


“Um, how about now?”


-Several days later-



Okay, it’s time to realize it: I’m suffering from writer’s block.

I have no idea what to write about, yet I want to write about something that inspires people and makes them feel like they are unstoppable. Yet I also want to write about the book I’m reading, about how I feel, and about the yummy burger I just ate.

But because I can’t seem to put my mind to it and actually write about something that makes sense, I’m going to try and come up with ideas to destroy that numb feeling we call writers block.

Okay, here’s what we can do:


1. Take a break



Turn off your laptop, put down your pen, and walk away from your writing. Go watch a movie, prepare yourself a sandwich, and take a nap. Just go and spend some time doing something that takes your mind away from what you’re writing.


2. Read


Continue reading that book, or start new one; look for a newspaper or a magazine. Go read some article about something that you like. Read signs and labels; read the nutrition facts from your food. Simply read anything else, just don’t read what you wrote.


3. Listen to music



People say that classical music helps; so, I decided to try it and it actually does! Well, at least for me, that’s for sure. In my opinion, any kind of music will work; it’s all a matter of your musical preferences.


4. Call a friend



Call your best friend, hear the new gossip going around town, and talk about traveling, food, and about your favorite topics. Talk about anything and everything.


5. Search for inspiring quotes


This is the one that helps me the most. Search for things that inspire you; you have the internet, books, and people. There’s a whole world filled with corners of inspiration; I’m sure you’ll find them.

Now, that you have read some tips, maybe you feel inspired to actually start writing! Always remember to do it at your own pace and don’t overthink it; you will be able to do it anyways! Good luck!


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