Women Entrepreneurs: Flor de Lía

Since Allison was younger, she had always loved using handmade natural soaps. One day, her mom encountered a flyer for a free aromatherapy seminar in the Instituto de Banca, and she fell in love with the idea. Once she got there, they recommended her to buy essential oils from an aromatherapy store, which was nearby. Naturally, she went there and she saw all the materials needed to make soaps. She asked the girl behind the counter if they by any chance gave the soap making seminar and, luckily, they did. She took the seminar and weeks before hurricane Maria, she started making soaps!

Allison, was really interested in soap making, so when “they told me they gave the seminar, I did not think about it twice. One week after my first visit to the store I learned four basic ways of making, melt and pour soaps; Lavender, Oatmeal, Rose clay, and Peppermint. Later on, I adventured in creating my own recipes and kept on learning from YouTube videos and research I made.”  

She likes to try out every soap and other products she makes. “I don't like to sell things that I have not approved first. They must pass my inspection and I am very attentive to detail.  Items I don't like I do not sell, I am very picky when it comes to products for my skin. I always do research when people ask me for specific skin types like oily, conditions like dermatitis atopica. Based on the research I make,  I try to recommend what oils they could use or not.” Meaning that you will never get something that is less than perfect from Flor de Lia.  

 Her favorite part about making soaps is that you get to play with different aromas. She has always been a fan of aromas or scents; with these you can set moods like peppermint for concentration, lavender for sleep, eucalyptus for congestion. “There are many ways in which making soaps can help people with stress like using a mixture of lavender and eucalyptus.” she detailed.

Some of the scents she uses are lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol, açai berry, cabernet, Abercrombie and Fitch, Victoria's Secret, and pheromones; yet, her all time favorite will have to be menthol with peppermint. “When you use it, it leaves a kind of chill and or refreshing feeling in your skin.

She explains that soaps are made with goat’s milk glycerin, collagen, vitamin E,( grapeseed, avocado, or jojoba oil), the fragrance or essential oil of your choice, and a natural scrub. Scrubs can be poppy seed, calendula flowers, rose petals, rose clay, dead sea clay, activated charcoal, natural loofah, oatmeal, and coffee. However, soaps and scrubs aren't everything she makes, she also makes body lotion, body splash, body wash, perfumes in oil, sachets, shampoo, lip balms, and hot oils.

Her weirdest request has been when she was asked to make a soap with Abercrombie and Fitch with Almond. Another one would be an oil’s perfume with cabernet and pheromones. Someone wanted a soap that smelled good, but with the condition that it had avocado oil, which at the moment, she had not tried, so she said. While making it, she made one for herself and fell in love with it. Avocado oil has no scent, this means you can mix it with any scent you like. This oil leaves your skin so silky and soft that, and she can honestly say this, is the one she likes the most, and better yet, she can mix it with menthol and peppermint.

One of her main goals is to share the soaps and products she makes with passion and love with as many people possible. She would love to share something she loves with others and would like to help people with skin problems looking for natural alternatives!

To contact Flor de Lia, you can follow her on Facebook at  Flor de Lia By Allison Alexandria, on Instagram at @flordelia17, email her at  [email protected] or call her at 787-315-9546! She accepts requests and and is open to new ideas, because it's always good to have something new and fresh.