WandaVision Merch You Should Definitely Get

The Disney+ show WandaVision has stolen the hearts of many Marvel fans and has even converted non-fans into enthusiastic followers. If you’ve fallen in love with the hit series, then I’ve got some cool merch to share with you. These would definitely be one of those purchases that we don’t need, but make us really happy. We sadly don’t have Wanda’s power to create our own little world when we are stressed or upset, so we gotta settle for these kinds of impulsive buys as a source of serotonin from time to time. Am I right?

1. These shirts from Etsy and Redbubble are adorable and make great reference to the show. Plus, you’d be supporting some small businesses in the process.

2. If you're not a T-shirt person, I totally get it. Maybe you’d prefer some cool sweatshirts that you can toss on over any outfit.

3. If you love statement earrings, these WandaVision inspired earrings will surely catch people’s eye. 

4. If you are a coffee lover and a WandaVision fan, this will make you squeal in excitement. Etsy has some matching Starbucks-inspired iced coffee cups with Vision and Wanda painted on them. However, if you don’t particularly enjoy iced coffee and prefer some classic hot coffee, Etsy also has a few adorable mugs for you.

5. If you're one of those people that don’t like coffee (can’t relate), Diseny actually released a WandaVision water bottle. Everyone has to drink water, so this is the most practical buy. 

6. Are you obsessed with candles and making your room smell spectacular? Well, believe it or not, there’s a WandaVision Candle on Etsy; the description says it's fruity and sweet. Sounds good to me!

7. Do you always drop your phone? I sure do, and I’ve broken a few myself. It’s honestly heartbreaking because good phones these days are not cheap. However, something that has saved my phone (and wallet) plenty of times when my clumsy-self drops it is my trusty Otterbox phonecover. It’s a great investment, and Disney has partnered with them to create a WandaVision Otterbox phone cover. It’s a smart buy and totally awesome!


Which one of these will you buy?