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One of the reasons our campus is unlike any other is because of the love and appreciation we hold for our pets. If you don’t know who these guys are, here is an introduction to our pets at UPRM.

1. Tarzan and Jane

Pictured Jane VIII and Tarzan X

We have to start this article by naming our beloved mascots, Tarzan and Jane. Their legacy expands over 80 years in the history of our campus. We are the only UPR campus to have live mascots that can interact with their community.


2. Tarzan I

As for Tarzan, he always shows up to our important events, such as our graduations and induction ceremonies, to support Colegiales. He doesn’t mind the spotlight and always walks with grace to wherever he is taken. The next time you see him, be sure to greet him with a smile and take some pictures!


3. Gatoso

If you haven’t stopped by our university’s museum, MUSA, you’re missing out on the opportunity to meet Gatoso! Gatoso is the museum’s lovable and lazy pet. Ninety-nine percent of his day consists on sitting on his favorite chair and admiring the view.


4. La Gata de Biol

La Gata de Biol, named Mitzu, will always hold a special place in our hearts because she is just so cute and adorable. Let’s not forget to mention her iconic twitter page that has over a thousand followers.


5. Las Gallinas

Said to be the lost spirits of fellow IUPI classmates who wish to study in our campus, there are numerous chickens that run wild throughout campus. They predominate near our student center’s third floor, but don’t be alarmed if you see them roaming through the Chardon or Stefani building. Bryan La Torre, a Colegial, attended his graduation ceremony in 2017 with his chicken named Lencha. This demonstrates just how much we Colegiales love our pets.


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