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UPRM’s Dancing Queens and Kings: Meet our Dance Team

On the evening of October 19, UPRM’s finest dance-team debuted a spectacle composed of 29 dances performed on Mangual’s gym floors. At 6:30, the building was flooding with anticipated show goers composed of students, faculty, and proud family and friends of our dance team. UPRM’s HC team spotted a group of young girls who came all the way from Añasco called El programa de bellas artes de Añasco who looked up to these amazing men and women from the dance team we are proud to call ours.

UPRM Dance Team member Angélica González studies Chemical Engineering.

Marlena from the Chemistry department stated that “I came tonight to reminisce my dancing past, as I was a dancer in high school, and to support our team and see what they’ve got to offer to us, and I’m certain I won’t be disappointed”.

We were really excited to see our talented dance team show off their skills and we’re proud to say that their performances exceeded our expectations. The techniques in every style of dance were just amazing and the way they transmitted their energy to the public made the audience aware of how passionate they are about what they do.

Dancer Mónica Orama strikes a pose.

One of the most intense dances was the first one. The main dancer was Angélica González Laro who danced to ‘Work Song’ by Hozier and not only is the song beautiful, but the way she danced so delicately made you find the meaning to every word in the song. The HC team had the pleasure to ask her how she felt at the end of her routine and how did the energy from the public made her feel and this is what she said:

 “At the end of my presentation I had mixed feelings because the theme of my dance is one that touches my heart deeply but at the same time I was happy that I could express those feelings to the public by doing what I love. After three incomplete dances I finally decided to do that routine and it really paid off. The public’s applause and the good vibes made me feel very satisfied with my decision”.

Twenty-nine dances were conducted, and they were all beautifully well redacted. The Her CAAMpus team and the UPRM community all wish them the best of luck in January where they will be participating in the UDA Nationals at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

UPRM Dance Team member Enrique N. Ortiz

**Photo credits go to Angelica D. Gonzalez and Jesus M. Acevedo

Fabiola del Valle is 22 y/o English Lit. major studying at UPRM. She currently holds the position of Campus Correspondent and karaoke queen.
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