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Top 5 Moments from Game of Thrones Episode 6

We’re just about to hit our Game of Thrones finale this weekend! In preparation, let’s countdown the Top 5 moments from last week’s epic episode. Before we start though, pour one out for Thoros Of Myr, you guys. May the Lord of Light guide his way.

Game of Thrones, Season 7 Episode 6: “Beyond The Wall”

5. The Polar Express:

Look, we knew the Army of Dead had amassed a large amount of dead people. We even knew they have horses trotting about with them. However, the moment that polar bear attacked was straight out of a horror movie. Thankfully, the Dream Team was able to take it down, even if they sadly lost one of their own because of it. Shoutout to Beric Dondarrion and Thoros Of Myr for those fire swords, though.

4. Cut off the Head:

As far as victories go in this episode, the Living learned some key information about how to defeat the Army of the Dead. Every White Walker that is killed causes a chain reaction that kills every wight they’ve ever turned. This means that if you checkmate the King, the game is truly over.

3. R.I.P. Viserion:

If the moment Daenerys swooped in with her dragons didn’t have you cheering, then I don’t know what will. And well, if the moment one of the dragons was killed didn’t break your heart, then you’re probably already part of the Army of the Dead. It was naive to imagine that all 3 dragons would make it to the end of the show; however, it was incredibly painful to see how easily the Night King took one down – with just one well placed ice javelin throw. Unlike Bronn’s attempt with Qyburn’s scorpion a few episodes ago, this one shot successfully took down one of our Khaleesi’s dragons. At least it was Viserion, who was named after the worst brother ever. Small mercies, I guess. RIP.

2. The Flying Dead:

If that damn polar bear didn’t clue you into what was about to happen in the closing moments of this episode, then here it is: the Night King successfully turned Viserion into part of his army. This means our enemies up North, the real North, are a much bigger threat than anticipated. Jon Snow told Daenerys Targaryen during their first meeting that everyone they know will die before Winter is over if they don’t defeat the Night King. This game changing move may just prove him right.

1. My Coldhands

Count my viewing party as one that cheered loudly when Uncle Benjen rode in to save the day. A truly surprising moment and one that guaranteed Jon’s safe return to Eastwatch. It was epic to see him ride in, only for it to turn tragic as he stayed behind to hold off the army and allow the horse to take Jon back at a quicker pace. Oh good ol’ Coldhands, saving the day one Stark beyond the Wall at a time. Pour one out for him too guys. RIP.

What did you think about last week’s episode? Do you agree with our countdown? What was your number one? Any predictions for this weekend’s sure-to-be-epic finale? Let us know!


Stephanie M. Fuentes Álvarez is a sixth year English major at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Campus. An aspiring writer, she watches copious amounts of television shows in the hopes of one day becoming a possible screenwriter. She considers herself a muse-based poet, a music connoisseur, a professional procrastinator, and a pop-culture junkie.
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