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Top 10 Last Minute Affordable Costumes

In honor of Halloween  bieng today, it’s probably isn’t a stretch to assume there are a couple college students that haven’t had the time to plan out their costumes or don’t have the money to buy a proper Halloween costume. This list was created to help out and give ideas to these poor souls, and to hopefully get them out of having to explain why they don’t have a costume. So without further ado, scroll down and enjoy these costumes.                   


1. Three punch hole Jim  and Cat Pam from The Office


(Or any character from The Office really.) This idea comes from the fifth episode of the second season of The Office, Due to the show’s popularity the costume would be very recognizable, and are also fairly easy to recreate since almost all the items you need can found at your nearest mall, or even in your own closet. Items being the button-down shirt, khaki pants, the tie, black construction paper and scissors (to make the black circles, and for Cat Pam, cat ears, the whiskers and the nose can be made with eyeliner, a black shirt, black skirt and a tail.  


2. B and V from Riverdale



Nothing says BFF’s like V and B together. B and V being Betty and Veronica from the show Riverdale, and these costumes are the River Vixens cheerleading practice uniform, which we see a lot throughout the show. The Baseball tee shirt can be found at Sears, the knee high socks at a Party City, the shorts and the shoes can be easily found at a Marshalls near you.


3. Rick and Morty



Always wanted to be as awesome as these two? Just wear a mask! Rick and Morty has been one of the most popular shows in recent years, so it makes sense why many people would  want to dress as them for Halloween. For Morty’s costume wear white shoes, white socks, dark blue jeans and yellow shirt, all of which can be found at Walmart. For Rick, he wears black shoes, light brown pants, light blue shirt, and lab coat, all also found at Walmart. Now to make the masks, just Google images of Rick and Morty’s faces, print them, cut them out, and use tape to try and stick them to your face.




4. Bad Bunny

Nothing says boricua like dressing up as your favorite trap singer , and since Bad Bunny has been gaining a lot of popularity, it only makes sense to include this on the list for fans who want to dress up as him. His signature look being round sunglasses, colored bandana over his head, button down hawaiian or a flower patterned shirt and, brightly colored bermuda shorts and shoes.


5. Mean Girls

Be as sexy as a mean girl and OWN IT!  Released in 2004, Mean Girls is stills relevant more than a decade later, and it makes sense to wanna pay homage to this classic movie. Plus the Plastics one of the easiest looks to recreate  you want to do a group costumes with friends since all everyone has to do is involve an element of pink, and the Burn Book can always be added as bonus.


6. Joyce from Stranger Things


The strange never looked this pretty. Joyce Byers trying to communicate with Will through Christmas lights was probably one of the most memorable parts from Stranger Things. To create this costumes you need jeans, a red striped shirt (found at H&M), and a green button down shirt (found at Macy’s) and, of course the piece de resistance, the Christmas lights, which can be found in a Walgreens near you.


7. Fiona Goode from American Horror Story: Coven


“In this whole wide wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid of, is me.”

– Fiona Goode

Fiona Goode is one of the most iconic witches from the American Horror Story anthology, and one of the easiest to recreate considering a similar black dress and sunglasses to this one can be found in a Forever 21 or any store similar to it. To finish of the look you need black tights, black heels and a black umbrella. Leather gloves optional.


8. Rosie the Riveter



Rosie the Riveter, cultural icon from World War 2, that inspired women to join the workforce in order to support their troops, was taken and converted into a symbol of female empowerment; which is why she is so recognizable and would make a perfect costume.  The best part about this costume is that you can probably find every you need in the closet or in a nearby Marshalls. Jeans, belt, button shirt, bandana, a red lipstick, and you’re set to go.


9. Miguel from Coco

Be as memorable as your costume.

To recreate this look you need a jean (probably found in your closet), a red hoodie (found at Walmart) ,  brown boots (also at Walmart) and grease make up and makeup pencils (found at Walgreens). If you need any help trying to recreate the makeup look I highly recommend this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPppZQElNFM


10. “Error 404: “Costume Not Found Shirt”

Last but not least the Error 404: Costume Not Found Shirt, it’s simple and very cheap. Find a white shirt and a sharpie of any color, and you have your costume.  


These are only a few costume suggestions for people to try and i hope this list has helped many souls in their time of need, and that it helps them enjoy their Halloween night to its maximum potential. Happy Halloween!


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