'The Sultry Palette' by Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup Tutorial



Recently, Anastasia Beverly Hills launched it’s most recent creation, The Sultry Palette, and with its pigmented history, ABH has us very excited with this product, so here is a makeup tutorial:

1. Base

As a base, we used “Bloom,” for we wanted this to be a coraly kind of look. We blended the shadow all over the eye to create some sort of smokey look.

2. Transition

Our first transition color was “Birch” we added this all over the eye, only that lower than “Bloom” so the colors mixed together. Remember to blend your shadows really well to get rid of that harsh line between both shadows.

Our second transition color is “Dystopian”, following the same pattern as the first transition color.

3. Outer V

To intensify this look, we added “Noir” to the outer V. Which seemed like a bad idea for it’s a very pigmented color and had trouble blending with the others, but we didn't give up until we managed to blend everything until the harsh lines disappeared.

4. Cut crease

Then we cut that crease with some concealer to make the shadow pop even more.

5. Lid

For the lid color, we added “Teak”, which is a very nice bronzed shimmer. Remember to blend your outer V color with your lid color to get rid of any harsh lines.

We also took the liberty to add some inner corner and brow bone highlight!

6. Slay!

Our final thoughts of this palette is that it’s perfect for many glam looks like this one. If you want a full review of this palette here's another article for you!