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Styling Graphic Tees

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPRM chapter.

As collegiettes we probably have our wardrobes filled with more than “just a few” graphic tees. Whether it is because: “the text was bold and sassy, and it makes me feel awesome”; “the cute mini owl in that shirt, begged me to take him home; or “I’m part of this student association. By the way, you should join us. Look how cool we are!” There is always a peculiarity in a graphic top – the design, textures or color range. Which makes it a super fun to style staple, especially during those days where our closets are full of “nothing to wear”. However, most of the times, we find ourselves styling printed shirts the same all over again. Lets get out of the jeans/shorts routine. If we add simple items or statement pieces, we can make that “Oh-So-Simple” shirt look really chic.

Combine a graphic tee with a feather skirt and heels, making the outfit effortlessly chic and formal. If you prefer trousers, make the attire look tailored mixing a graphic top with a pant and blazer suit (Want more? Add a statement necklace)

For more casual looks, take your biker boots, asymmetric jacket and red lipstick (bold -but hey– still casual). You could also style a graphic top with high-waist shorts and oversized knit; give it a boho-chic vibe, layering accessories.  





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