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Stages of Semana Santa as told by Grey’s Anatomy


  1. It is finally Friday, but not any Friday, it is THE Friday when you finally leave Mayagüez knowing that you won’t have to return until NEXT Monday.

  2. You are home, it is time for Netflix and literally, chill with your pet by your side while your mom brings you snacks into the room…goals!

  3. Is it just Monday? Ugh, feeling rested already. So, how about checking those Whatsapp messages to see what everyone is up to?

  4. Culebra it is! Not like you have anything better to do (silences UPRM e-mail notifications).

  5. We are here! This is how life should be, forever, nothing less.

  6. It is day 2 at Culebra. You are sunburned, hungover, and stuck-in-the-middle-of-nowhere because the ferry back to Fajardo is already full.

  7. Ok, you made it home, at 1:00 a.m. in the morning. You totally deserve some rest, and a proper shower, and like a lot of aloe vera.

  8. It is #CRT, also known as Culebra recovery Thursday. Other than to gain physical strength, liver function and consciousness, this is a day of reflection upon your wild past 48 hours. This is the time to regret those drunk text you sent your ex, along with that snap in your new VS Swimsuit (with eyes red as a chillo de freezer because you were drunk af).

  9. It is Good Friday, and all you end up getting cheese pizza after mass because your mom was too lazy to buy fish, and you are just not feeling like adding another capital sin to your long list of wrong doings. Obviously it is a day of commemoration while watching all those brand new local TV Bible movies, no time for studying.

  10. It is saturday noon. Up to this point, you have managed to ignore your academic responsibilities like a pro. No shame at all.

  11. Yes, there are some papers to turn in here and then, maybe a few tests, but first, let’s pack what we are gonna take back to Maya.

  12. You realize you might not see your family for a while afterwards since hell week is upon us. More family time!

  13. Shi**! Is it Sunday already?

  14. Here we are! Well, it certainly can’t be that bad…right? (opens planner terrified)

  15. Sweet baby J….what am I gonna do? Three tests? Tomorrow? Like, what were they thinking?

  16. All-nighter it is.
  17. Get to school, late, tired a*f, professor mischievously asks you how was your Semana Santa.
Former Chief Editor and Campus Correspondent at the Her Campus UPRM chapter of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Writing in NYC, living the dream.
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