The Purpose Behind Edvo

“We make the process of designing learning experiences easier.”


Edvo is an online company with the sole purpose of being a tool for educators, to help them create and design learning experiences in an easy way. Edvo provides educational services that enable educators to work efficiently and feel more comfortable in their working environment. Educators complete their profile based on what they teach, to whom they teach, and their challenges. The platform then provides suggestions based on the educators profile. This is possible by using cutting-edge technology that allows Edvo to create personalized and automated suggestions.

The online company was created by two college students, Lianne Vega, a 20 year old Mechanical Engineering student, and Jahannie Torres, a 23 year old Computer Engineering student with a minor in Business Development. They met each other through the student association Idea Platform, where they discovered their interest for education, which led to them to work together. “Our passions were increasingly aligned and our skills were  complementary. We believe that educators have the responsibility to shape future generations, and that responsibility comes with many challenges. We all know an educator who makes us think, “we need more educators like him or her." In our case, we decided to not only to wish for it, but do something about it." And that’s how Edvo, a combination of education and evolution, came to be.

Their mission is to help educators design better learning experiences. “We want to evolve education and prepare new generations to solve upcoming 21st century challenges.” Edvo will achieve this by providing educational services and developing a software with a scientific pedagogical base that enables educators to work efficiently, effectively, and to feel more confident. The women see Edvo in five years helping educators on an international scale. They are currently in communication with educators from other countries that are extremely supportive of their work. They aim to be a brand known and trusted in the EdTech industry.

 “Along with meeting our business goals, we see ourselves creating jobs and being an example for other aspiring entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico.”

The company will start providing educational services in August, but it was not until December that they thought about providing a product as well. Therefore, if you are an educator or know of an educator, be sure to share this amazing tool that is changing the way educators create their teaching techniques!