"Nightcrawler": Wolves Bring Their Mix of Emo Trap

As the popularity of trap continues to grow in Puerto Rico’s mainstream and indie music scene, more artists mix the sound with R&B and emo. A musician that mixes said soundscapes is the Isabela-based Wolves, who explores the aforementioned genres in their EP “Nightcrawler.”


Cover for the EP


Wolves’ debut EP starts with the project’s title track, an emo trap and R&B fusion that explores subjects such as drug use, money, love, and suicide. From there, listeners are provided with “Bottles,” an emo rap tune that uses a guitar to set the atmosphere for the subject matter to be explored, and the use of alcoholism to escape heartbreak. Afterwards, the first half of the EP finishes with the song “Pink + Purple,” a brag rap track that uses a trap beat to explore subjects such as drug use and honesty.


Picture found on Wolves’ Facebook


The second half of “Nightcrawler” starts with “Night Caller,” a tune that touches themes such as money, sex, and the night life. Then we are provided with “Blessed,” a track that sees Wolves exploring the field of melodies as they sing on top of surreal and psychedelic beat. Finally, “Nightcrawler” finishes with “King of the Winter,” a wild tune fueled by brag raps that touch on a variety of topics including sex.


Wolves’ logo


Puerto Rico’s indie music scene is one currently fueled by a variety of artists, especially those found in hip hop. However, while some decide to stick to one sound, others decide to fuse genres like emo, trap, and R&B to create music of their own, and here is where Wolves stand. With “Nightcrawler,” Wolves provide an interesting mix of sounds that separates them from the rest.


Listen to “Nightcrawler” on Soundcloud