Movie Review: Happy Death Day 2U

If you are interested in this kind of genre in movies and have not yet seen it, I totally recommend you do. Up next I will do a review on the movie that can make you have insight on what it’s about that can make you watch it later on.

Synopsis: Happy Death Day 2U was released on February 13th, 2019, its main characters are Jessica Rothe playing Tree Gelbman, who is the protagonist of the story, and the second main character Israel Broussard playing Carter Davis, the love interest of the protagonist. After surviving the events of the first movie Happy Death Day released back in 2017, she finds herself in the same situation once again. However, this time, it's Carter's roommate, Ryan, who claims he is reliving the same day over and over again. The killer who is wearing the same baby mask as before kills him by then making him relieve the same day. In the attempt of helping him get rid of his killer Tree then falls again on the same loop. She then again faces a lot of challenges, while she figure out how to stop the loop in order to get back to her life.

Review: At the beginning, the movie kept me really entertained. The first scene starts with Carter’s roommate Ryan sleeping in his car in front of the university. He gets up and leaves, while walking he suddenly encounters some people, where some things happen but he doesn't pay attention to it and then continues on around Campus. Later, he meets his friends where they were verifying how their project was. Everything was going well, then one of his friends asks him to look for something in one of the classrooms. The room was dark when he entered and suddenly he hears noises coming from the closet. Scared, he opens it finding out that there was nothing on it and behind him was the killer with a knife killing him instantly.

He then wakes up in his car again reliving the same day. Thinking that it is a dream he gets out of the car and then he realizes that he runs into the same people and the same things occurred. Being freaked out by the situation he leaves running and goes directly into his room where Carter was with his girlfriend Tree. While he is being weird out by the situation, he tells them what happened to him, Tree realizes that he is stuck in the same loop she was a few years before. She started explaining to him what has happened and tries to help him by making a plan on how they can catch the killer.

I really liked this part because I was not expecting that the loop would pass on to one of his friends. From now on, it's when the good things start to happen. They went by their day acting somewhat normal having their plan in mind. Some things happened making everything not go as plan. In the process, something happens that makes the loop change taking Tree back in time to where it all began a few years ago.

Now this is where all the plot twist starts to happen she figures out a lot of stuff that she didn't knew before. Things are not the same anymore, the people she knew, did not know who she was in this dimension. It was like she was in a new parallel of her own life with a twist in her story making the loop different each day. Everything that was happening was way different then before, the only thing that was the same was the killer that was after her. She starts taking matter into her own hands trying to figure out how can she make these people help her to get back to her dimension. In that process a lot of things start to occur, like her boyfriend is not her boyfriend anymore, he now doesn't know who she is. Meanwhile he is is now dating the president of the sorority she is in. Even her family and her surroundings changed, the people she knew dont know her now, the things that occurred before when she was in the loop are now happening completely different. There will be a lot of scenes that you will not expect them to happen and some people that you never thought are part of this mess, they will somehow. You gotta watch it to find out what happens in this new dimension of her past life. As for the bad things of the movie I would say that some scenes were a little predictable. I felt like they should have made some extra scenes explaining a few situations. They should have gave us a little background information of some scenes to get a better understanding of it. But they leave you hanging in some parts but I guess that's just part of the mystery of the movie to keep you wondering why that happened. Overall the movie was not bad at all it was really good and I really enjoyed watching it. I totally recommend people to watch it, and if you haven't seen the first one you should totally do so.  

Personally, I would give this movie a 9 out of 10. I would totally watch it again, like it was that good for me. If you are looking for a good movie to watch when the semester ends then I highly recommend this one.