"Modo": Travel Through Space With Epilogio's Funky Psychedelic Beats

As the island’s independent music scene continues to expand its boundaries, artists in Puerto Rico are experimenting with sounds never before heard in local radio stations. A few of the genres slowly being explored are psychedelia, funk, space rock, raga music, and dance rock, all of which Epilogio took as inspiration to create their latest full-length project, Modo.


(cover art for the album)

Coming in dressed like many of the astronauts found in 1950s sci-fi B-movies, Epilogio kick off Modo with “Decidi,” a synth pop driven space rock tune that teleports the listener to the band’s funk-driven world, where it is okay to dance and let go of any disturbance. The group then delivers the album’s title track, which is yet another funk-inspired song that mixes elements of dance rock, synth pop, and space rock while exploring the subject of wanting to escape reality due to the vast amount of problems surrounding it. We are then treated to “Cancion Para Solsitos,” a psychedelic danceable tune about staying awake and not falling for any sort of trap, perhaps making a commentary on how the current political status of Puerto Rico is a result of political fanaticism. Afterwards, Epilogio delivers “Sonido Infinito,” another track influenced by psychedelia that will take listeners to an abstract dimension where atmospheric and ambient sound reigns supreme. The last tune in the album’s first half is “Resiliencia,” a love story that features elements of R&B, a nice rhythmic beat mixed with ethereal vocals, and soothing guitar work.


(the group as found on their Facebook)


The second half of Modo starts with “Submarina Club,” a short but to-the-point tune that features a very funky and groovy beat mixed with a bit of space rock. Then  Epilogio provide what is perhaps one of the most danceable yet relaxing tracks in “Otro Nivel,” a perfect blend of funky synth pop with regular percussion and low-key vocals that serve as the perfect background soundtrack for those looking to have a lovely night. Meanwhile, the following track, “Aqui en las nubes,” serves as a perfect follow up, as it feels like one is floating above the clouds. Finally, the project ends with “Origen,” a blend of the many sounds mentioned previously along with Asian influences. Though it is hard to decipher exactly what genre the band is exploring, it could probably be boiled down to raga rock, like that found in “Within You Without You” by The Beatles, or more traditional Japanese classical music. Nevertheless, the tune is a perfect closer to very psychedelia influenced dance project.


(the group as found on their Facebook)


Epilogio’s Modo is a perfect example of a band that isn’t afraid to take a variety of sounds and blend them all together to make it their own. By mixing their 1950s sci-fi influenced appearance with their blend of space rock, funk, synth pop, dance rock, and psychedelia, the group manage to create an identity of their own and one that will be very interesting to explore in future singles and projects.


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