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Lovestruck with Foodtrucks


Attention collegiettes! There’s a new alternative for our meal in town, La Sambuca Food Truck will offer a variety of plates that will catch your eye and please your appetite. Their menu goes from sandwiches and wraps to nachos, tacos, and quesadillas.  Gabriel Curet, one of the owners, says their cooking style is “Puerto Rican with a Mexican Twist”. Their grand opening is this Wednesday, January 29, 2014 so get ready to try these new meals on wheels! “La Sambuca” Foodtruck will leave you LOVESTRUCK with FOODTRUCKS.

It all started this year when Gabriel Curet and Adrián Otero, both students at UPRM, decided to partner up and open a food truck because they both where interested in the business.  They’re both from our UPRM School of Business, Gabriel in Finance and Adrían in Marketing. Our Her Campus UPRM team got a chance to talk all about the bussiness with Gabriel, one of the partners.


The boys where inspired and are motivated by their desire to  learn about bussiness, not just in books; Gabriel stated: “I have always said that I would like to own a restaurant after I graduate, and one day, Edro, my partner, asked me if I wanted to open a food truck with him, I didn’t even think about it.  I asked myself, “If I want to open a restaurant, why don’t we start from the bottom?”  So I said yes! And since that day, 5 months ago, we’ve been working on it until this Wednesday, the grand opening!”

Why the name Sambuca?  Gabriel explained all about it saying : Sambuca is liquor; it’s like Cointreau, an after dinner drink.  A Sambuca is a liquor people drink after they eat and the purpose of this liquor is to digest better the food so you won’t feel clumsy the rest of the day. Being the students, my market of customers, a lot of them don’t know what Sambuca is. We did not pick it because of it meaning, it's just a catchy name for a food truck."They expect more costumers after the hang out closes, having the biggest flow of clients around 2a.m. Going to La Sambuca Food Truck looking for an after hang out meal will be a priority in every UPRM student hang out.

Gabriel shared with us his favorite part of the menu which is: The Sambupleta Sandwich which is what we call a “tripleta sandwich”, it means it has three different meats- chicken, “churrasco”, and creole pork. Also, he recommends the fish tacos that will consist of fresh fried “Mero” on a soft tortilla with cabbage and spicy mayo. There’s not a formal chef on board, both partners know how to cook every specific item on the menu and they both will be helping each other out so they could be more efficient in question to service and to the quality of food. Gabriel actually learned to cook when he became a student here, in UPRM; he needed to learn somehow because he wouldn’t have his mother with him every day as usual when living in San Juan.  He states that between his parents, brothers, friends, books, and The Food Network  he learned a little bit of everything so he could survive, later on is when he started inventing in the kitchen.

Balancing school and the food truck was the first question that came to Gabriel’s mind the day he really got into it. He took fewer classes so he could have more free time for both, his studies and to get ready for the business. 

Few facts about The Sambuca Food Truck:

Location: The Sambuca Food Truck will be standing in the entrance of Mayaguez Terrace between the Subway Restaurant and a Tire Business.

Opening Hours: They will be opening from Monday to Thursday since 6:00pm until 3:00am-3:30am.

Delivery Phone Number: 787-319-1181

Imagine you’re in an all nighter, studying, hungry, and with no time to cook nor go out, The Sambuca Food Truck has you covered because they even make delivery! So don’t waste your time and go visit them this Wednesday on their opening day.



A trilingual and cheerful student that has a passion for justice. 20 year old, majoring in Psychology and minoring in International Relations, future law student. Born in Puerto Rico.
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