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Los Tres Pianistas: A Puerto Rican Trio Takes on the International Stage

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPRM chapter.

Los Tres Pianistas is a musical group composed of Adlan Cruz, Stevan Micheo, and Francisco Paz. The show, 3 Pianos, 3 Historias, 3 Escenarios or “3 Pianos, 3 Stories, 3 Stages” is an incredible spectacle of classical and contemporary pieces played on the piano with an accompanying band. The show’s repertoire includes special adaptations of pieces like “Final Countdown,” original compositions and even adaptations of “Let It Go” from the hit Disney movie Frozen and “When We Were Young” by Adele.

We caught up with Los Tres Pianistas to ask them a few questions about their journey to the stage, from their beginnings as musicians to their current success.

Adlan Cruz talked to us about his beginnings in La Escuela Libre de Música in Hato Rey and how he later moved on to continue his studies at the University of Hartford, the University of Richford, and the University of Oakland. He has composed classical pieces, including “Episkopos” and “Canción por la Paz.”

Stevan Micheo began his musical career when he was 16 at the Conservatorio de Música. He later played gigs at various restaurants. “I was lucky to quickly get an opportunity to start recording, and created my first CD in 1990. I’ve been playing ever since.”

Francisco Paz started playing when he was 8 years old. “I would listen to my father playing and watch his technique. He was my first teacher.” He later went on to start studies on Pre-med in Indiana, then switched to publicity at Sagrado Corazón, and finally decided to study music in St. Louis. He has since composed musical pieces—among them, “Andrea” and “5th Street.”

“It all began when Micheo decided he wanted to record a CD but changed his mind and decided to call me and Cruz instead, to do an homage to Juan Gabriel, an incredibly talented and famous pianist. When we got together, things quickly changed and we decided to start recording music.” They began a project to record pieces specially composed for them. Los Tres Pianistas were suddenly born and have now performed in Bellas Artes in Caguas and the Teatro La Perla in Ponce. Their trio reaches Mayagüez next Saturday, September 2nd, where they’ll perform in the Teatro Yagüez. After their performance next Saturday they will continue touring to Miami, Santo Domingo, Panama, Colombia, and Colorado. To the concerts held in Puerto Rico, they have invited the kids from the three music schools in the island (San Juan, Ponce, and Mayagüez) to play the part of the strings in their performances. “We wanted to create an opportunity for young musicians, to help them in their career development.”  For Los Tres Pianistas, inspiring students in their journeys through musical careers is one of the most important aspects of the tour.

All together, this group of talented artists promotes culture and growth for musicians everywhere as well as for those listening. Their passion for music bleeds through and has a way of inspiring people just as they were inspired as kids. They have always searched for music and, to this day, still find joy in it, having the opportunity of sharing their passion with the world through their incredible musical careers. One of the most inspiring parts of this union of musical talent is the diversity of origins from each musician. Their paths crossed at the piano where they were finally united by the passion they’d seek their entire life.

We left the most important question for last, what does music mean to you? “Everything” they said. In a more comical tone, Paz joked, “We eat and breath it (music). We are submerged in it even in our sleep.”

Don’t miss your chance to see this incredible trio of Puerto Rican talent before they head off to take on the international stage.

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Stevan Micheo

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