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Local Bookstores to Visit in Puerto Rico

If you identify as a bibliophile, have that favorite “go to” bookstore, but want to know where else you can find great reads, this list is perfect for you! I already told my friend that we have to take a road trip to visit these local bookstores:

Tazas y Portadas

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Tazas y Portadas is located in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico (near Mayagüez Mall). I still remember their opening back in October 2019! I was really excited to finally have a bookstore near where I live. In Tazas y Portadas you will find a variety of books in English and Spanish, including fiction for young adults and adults, non-fiction, books for children, classics, poetry, works by local authors, and more. They also have a coffee shop integrated into the bookstore! With a delicious menu, by the way. I can honestly say that you will feel at home in this beautiful place. Here’s their online book club, just in case you are interested: Tazas y Portadas Book Club. Fun fact: they began as an online bookstore and, even though they have a physical store since 2019, you can still order from them online.

La Casita Books & Gifts

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La Casita Books & Gifts was established in November 2016, and it is located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (in Aguadilla Mall). I can’t believe I haven’t visited them yet, but I’m planning to do so really soon. In La Casita you will also find books in English and Spanish with a great variety of genres. They say you can find books for any family member!

El Rincón del Lector & Coffee Bar

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El Rincón del Lector & Coffee Bar opened in October 2020, and it is located in Camuy, Puerto Rico. All the book lovers and authors I know have recommended this bookstore! I mean, just take a look at their social media and you will definitely fall in love with all the books and the coffee bar menu. THAT menu… wow. 

The Bookmark

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The Bookmark was established in 2013, and they have two locations around the metro area. One is located in Guaynabo (San Patricio Plaza) and the other in Santuce, Puerto Rico. The Bookmark is one of my favorite bookstores, but I’m so far away from them that I have only visited it a few times. They have a huge selection of books in English and Spanish, and they also have a coffee shop. I still haven’t visited their new location in Santurce, but I’m planning to do so soon. They also have an in-store bookclub! Check out their website because you can shop from them online.

Casa Norberto

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Casa Norberto opened in April 2017, and it is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Every time I visit Plaza Las Américas, this is a must-stop for me! Casa Norberto has a great variety of books in Spanish and English. If you are looking for a book in Spanish and you can’t seem to find it anywhere, this is the place. They also have an in-store coffee shop. They are constantly hosting a variety of different authors that come to do some book readings. 

Librería Laberinto

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Librería Laberinto is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I love this bookstore! They have been working with books for more than 15 years. If you are planning to walk around Old San Juan, be sure to visit them. This is the place to find any book by a Puerto Rican author, but they also have books in English. They honor their name because you will definitely get lost in a labyrinth of books!

El Candil

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El Candil is located in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I have only visited them once, but I’m planning to visit again soon. They have books in English and Spanish, including Puerto Rican literature. Besides books, El Candil offers coffee, music and wine. 


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They don’t have a building, they are an online bookstore. So you can say they are located all over Puerto Rico! Libro787 was established in 2017. In this online bookstore you can find all the books related to Puerto Rico, and more. They even helped me find a book by a Puerto Rican author published in 1963! Check out their website.


A couple of these bookstores are constantly hosting events in-store and online, so be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date. Of course, there are more amazing bookstores around Puerto Rico, but I hope this list helps you start planning the perfect bookish road trip!

Mariely is a PhD student in School Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. She loves spending time with her family and their dogs named Gabo and Bebo. Mariely is always practicing sign language, reading, crafting, writing, watching movies or blogging! You can find her under a pile of books on her Instagram.
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