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In a world bombarded with different ads and a large range of mascara, I rely on reviews when it comes to purchasing new products or devoting time to blogs on the web. As the first month of the semester ends, the whole HC-UPRM team submitted their favorite thing of the month with the intention of helping collegiettes with future purchases and to share our recent discoveries. We will publish a line-up of our favorite things, every last Wednesday of the month. 


1. Lemon Pie Coco Roons

I’ve been loving these for the entire month of January, and I still can’t believe they’re considered healthy. A clean version of a macaroon, Coco Roons are raw, organic, gluten-free and contain no weird ingredients. I’m not kidding when I say I could live off of these bites of coconut-lemon perfection. Eating clean can be incredibly difficult if you’re a collegiette with a sweet tooth and a tight schedule; fortunately, these are filling, tasty, and super good for you! There are nine flavors for you to choose from, but Lemon Pie is my favorite of the bunch. 

Recommended by Deborah Alvarez. 

2. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula


Suffering from sunburns, stretch marks, scars or dry skin? This body butter does it all! It is definitely one of my favorite body moisturizers. Ever. Not only that but it has an amazing texture: creamy but not sticky like other lotions. If you love the scent of cocoa butter and are aching for a perfectly moisturized skin, it really is a must have!

Recommended by Aurelie Arnould

3. Revlon® Colorstay™


The time and money I invest on makeup sometimes is extraordinary. However, I recently bought a foundation called Revlon® Colorstay™, without a doubt I am greatly pleased with the product.  First of all, this foundation wears up to 24 hours and it feels comfortable and oil-free all day, I’m not kidding. Second, it contains a moisture-balance formula that just fits for your skin type, causing no damage or breakouts. Finally, it comes with a variety of twelve shades to adjust to your natural skin tone. If you are searching for a foundation that looks natural and won’t clog pores or cause damage, undoubtedly this is he one for you!

Recommended by Juvell Burris 

4. PocketBac

 I recently went to the brand new Bath & Body Works at Plaza del Sol, Bayamón. I bought two small Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel PocketBacs  which were less than two dollars each. I was lucky enough to visit during an end-of-Christmas sale so the fragrances I chose were Iced Gingerbread and Warm Vanilla Sugar. The gingerbread hand gel smells a lot like Christmas for those who are getting nostalgic for the holidays.  Other fragrances can include Japanese Cherry Blossom, Caribbean Escape, Island Margarita and more!  

Recommended by Adriana Colom

5. Robin Sharma

After a draining semester, such as last, I returned home exhausted and with a low morale. A wise friend noticed this and encouraged me to watch some of Robin Sharma’s videos. Sharma is a world-class motivational speaker, who has traveled all around the world to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and he also has TWO New York Times best selling books on his pocket. He does offer coaching and other courses but they are very out of a student budget but no fear collegiette, he provides free resources! So whenever you are feeling lack of energy, motivation and productivity be sure to check out his website or YouTube channel.  http://www.robinsharma.com

6. Big Think 


I discovered the wonder of Big Think during finals week;not a good match, but little did I know this website had so much to offer. Big Think is a website on which you can watch videos from short length to extended ones, read specialized articles and blogs; and get to know some of the great minds of the country. As the creators express “Big Think is a knowledge forum”, which is based in three essential knowledge aspects: significance, relevance and application.  It’s focused on sharing the opinions of amazing and intelligent professionals in any aspect of the human life activity. From writers to CEOs, Big Think.Com serves as an inspiration for all those college students urging to know more about life itself. http://bigthink.com/http://bigthink.com/

Recommended by Monica Ocasio

7. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve

This can be purchased at any Bath & Body Works, and it is the BEST thing ever! I honestly don’t think I have been able to find a better lip balm. It’s not sticky or too drying, it soothes just like a balm should.  And it is also a great investment for only $5.00. B&BW sometimes have the buy 2, get 1 free special so take advantage and stock up! 

Recommended by Marilyn Perez 

8. Foodgawker (foodgawker.com)


If you’re a foodie, you’ll be hooked on this website the moment that you click on the link. Foodgawker features amazing, drool worthy recipes from different bloggers, and they post new recipes every single day. It’s a must have for food lovers and has become one of my routine websites, often resulting in late night cravings.

Recommended by Alexandra Ramos 


It is the fourth fragrance designed by Rihanna! This perfume will leave you smelling like a rock star all day long. Perfect for those long days at our beloved UPRM. It has a smooth fruity smell but also has the edge Rihanna always brings. “People are always changing and evolving and with Rogue I wanted to switch it up to reflect who I am today,”  -Rihanna, W Magazine

Recommended by Alexandra Rosario 



We’re obsessed with Kimberly Snyder’s insagram account! She is the New York Time’s best-seller author of the “Beauty Detox” books and professional yogi. She recently visited Puerto Rico and posted photos of her enjoying the hidden waterfalls of Gozalandia. She updates her Instagram account with pictures of her meals and tips on how to stay healthy– perfect for all you health nuts out there! Follow Kimberly on instagram @kimberlysnyder

Recommended by Nicole Rivera 


11. Moninos


When I went to the Fiestas de la Calle San sebastián I had the opportunity to go to the Cuartel de Ballajá and watch how artisans gave free rein to their creativity. Among all this culture and originality I noticed a specific table called Moninos, dolls with stories. I walked over and asked what it was; the artisan very kindly explained to me how she gave life to a few simple pieces of cloth. Gloribel Delgado, the creator came up with the bright idea because of her passion for literature, photography, traveling, art and journalism. She says she does journalism in clothes because she narrates and rescues the stories,  giving life to a doll. She personally interviews the customers to give a wonderful personalized story to the doll; which are for dreaming and laughing, nothing serious or conventional. Their imperfections are part of the charm leading to remember times and places. According to the creator of Moninos, the dolls remind her of lasting relationships, good friends, family, caresses and to do something urgent for the Planet. If you want a Moninos don’t hesitate to write on the Facebook page or the attached link for more information. http://moninos.wordpress.com/

Recomended by Yadmarie Rivera 


12. L’Oréal Paris: Total Repair 5

5 Action Repairing Treatment:

  • Rebuilt Fibers
  • Strength 
  • Vitality
  • Silkiness and shine 

I’m always in the search for new hair care products since I have wavy hair with a lot of frizz. But my search it’s finally over (hopefully for a long time) thanks to L’Oréal’s Total Repair 5 products. I bought the travel size shampoo and conditioner for a beach vacation to see how it worked, and I totally loved the miracle it did on my hair. My hair was smoother and shiner, when it usually looked dull and dry. Because of the frizz I usually style my hair with heating tools, and it was really damaged, but since I started using this product my hair not only looks healthier and has less fly always, it also is more manageable and split ends are finally gone… finito!

P.s. It smells so good! That is probably the main reason why I love this product so much.

Recommended by Paola Solá

13.  Ultra Liner


I recommend this black liquid eyeliner from Maybelline New York. It’s waterproof and I assure you it will stick on your eye all night long and it’s really easy to put on. Just a draw a line on your eyelid with the width you prefer. Want to know what’s the best part of it? When it’s time to take it off it leaves no mess because it just peels off. If you’re looking for a new liquid eyeliner don’t think it twice and buy this Maybelline product you could find at your local Walgreens. 5/5 STARS

Recommended by Andrea Vega 


None of the photos used on the piece are our own. 


Olivieri is a Puerto Rican entrepreneur who craves knowledge and has a passion for writing. Currently trying to unravel the world's mysteries by majoring in physics.
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