The James Charles Palette, is it Worth Your Money?

James Charles and Morphe broke the record on sales with their collaboration Artistry Palette; it sold out in less than a day! Me being the makeup junkie I am, was able to snatch it up before it internationally sold out. With this review I intend to show if this palette is worth the hype, the money, and time invested into tracking its availability.


1. Price:

The palette was $39 in its initial launch, without taxes or shipping, and having 39 shades, it comes down to about a dollar per pan. The pans are divided in two sizes, the standard and mega size. Overall the net price of the palette is worth the buy, especially for its quality. However, you should watch out for the shipping and handling, which for me in Puerto Rico was around $8.00 to $14.00, a little steep, however the shipping was quick and the palette came in pristine condition.


2. Performance:

Overall, the palette performs beautifully, but due to the three different formulas, there is a bit of inconsistency in performance. The matte shades have two main formulas, the morphe mattes and pressed pigments, which do need a bit more special attention. For the pressed pigment, James Charles recommends using an eyeshadow base with this formula, his recommendation being MAC Paint Pots in “Painterly or Soft Ochre.” The neutral shadows perform beautifully and blend even better; yet the brights are difficult to blend. The brights, however are very pigmented and pack a punch. The shimmers in this palette are very shiny and metallic, without being chunky or weird, however some are a bit sheer.  


3. Uniqueness:

The palette is definitely a unique find, giving the consumer the right balance between neutral and bold! James Charles made a good choice of colors and formula. However, the palette is heavily compared to the 35B, Morphe’s previous rainbow palette; and I can’t help but agree to an extent, although the color arrangement is very different to it. The neutrals are very standard and you probably have them in your collection. But, when you combine both the neutrals and the bold shades in the arrangement they are in, you get an extremely unique palette.


Is the palette worth it? The short answer is yes. This palette is definitely a unique find and is very artist friendly. However if you are a beginner at makeup, this isn’t the palette for you. It is difficult to blend, but not impossible. The price point is incredible and compares to big name brands like ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills), but the shipping rate can increase that price very highly, be aware of that. Other than that, happy shopping! If you can snatch it.


Overall Rating: 8/10