How to Cope with Finals

Finals are just around the corner and we all know they are tiring, stressful and exhausting. Here are a few tips on how to cope with them, how you can motivate yourself to study hard, and how to plan a schedule that can work with you among other tips.



1. Make a schedule

Getting ready for finals can be a hectic task. As you study for multiple subjects, you want to make sure you don’t miss any key items. That’s why a schedule will come in handy when trying to track your progress for each class. It will also help you keep in perspective the workload you have to cover.



2. Keep your sleep in check

A study performed by Harvard on 2010 suggested that dreaming may reactivate and reorganize recently learned material, which would result in improved memory and boosted performance. That’s why you should always try to add enough resting time to your finals schedule.



3. Take some me time

All that hardcore studying can become very stressful. That’s why we should make some time to unwind either with social media, gaming, netflix, or whatever outlet we prefer. If you are looking for activities you can always check out your email because the university  schedules events to help students keep a good mindset through the Finals Week. But always remember that the key here is to control the amount of time we invest into these activities.



4. Eat healthy

Choosing the right foods will go a long way in terms of staying with the energy you need to get through Finals Weeks. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Fruits: The natural sugars contained in them will give you the energy you need without the sugar crash later. Look for those with a healthy dose of antioxidants such as Blueberries to keep sickness away.

  2. Don’t skip meals: Keeping your metabolism rolling will help you feel with more mental and physical energy.

  3. Don’t go crazy on the Caffeine: We all like to make coffee our best friend during finals, but consuming large amounts of caffeinated drinks can increase your nerves and decrease your ability to concentrate. That’s why it’s recommended to not exceed 3 cups of coffee per day.



5. Choose your study groups wisely

For your study groups, you want people who will keep you motivated. By this point of the semester, you know who helps you and who doesn’t. Don’t be afraid of being a little selective when you need to be.



6. Drawing

Drawing can be a way to cope with finals, when taking a break this can be a good idea to distract your mind for a moment.



7. Testing yourself

Test yourself, it’s a good way to know how much knowledge you have of the material. This way you can see how much you know and how much you don't. So you can then take action about it and focus on those parts that need more attention.



8. Talk to your professor

Talk to your professor to clear all those doubts you have, this is very important for you to understand what you have doubt on. Also make sure that by doing this all those doubts are clear to when the exam comes.



9. Pampering

Pamper yourself! It is very important that you treat yourself in the process of finals, go out and buy some nice stuff for yourself, put your favorite outfit on and feel yourself. Don't forget to put yourself first, you are important never forget that.



10. Staying active

Stay active, go for a walk or for a run, because after all those long hours studying your body might need to take a break and to also keep your energies up to keep going. Even though it's hard to find the time to do so, take in consideration that your body needs it.


It can be hard to manage stressful events and Finals Week is no exception. Make sure to remember that it is just that, a week, it will pass. Stay positive and healthy because no test is more important than your mental and physical health.