The Girls Behind ANN Jewelry

Don't you just love the idea of sharing your passion with someone special? Because sharing is caring and there's nothing more important than the art of supporting each other along the way. At least that’s what Ninoshka and Alondra first thought of when they decided create their own business.


Alondra Roman is a Business Administration student who considers herself to be an “enterprising person” who loves creativity and art. “I love helping and inspiring others to achieve their goals and objectives. I know I still have a lot to learn, that's why I consider every day an opportunity to expand my knowledge.” she added. On the other hand, Ninoshka Rivera is a Psychology student who loves nature and also loves art. “I consider myself a responsible person, who likes to help others and seeks to improve every day to be a better person.” Even though these two sisters have different taste and different personalities they share one very special memory. You see their mother, Nelly, showed them the art of making jewelry, for she had a business and showed her daughters to make make bracelets and earrings. They mentioned how she let them sell their creations with her, by teaching them responsibility and developing their creativity. “Remembering how fun and great felt to create accessories that people loved, and looking for a way to make a money income in these hard times, we decided to make our own brand.” they added.  


A fun fact about their name: ANN Jewelry is that ANN is an acronym for they names. “We chose this brand name because every letter represents our names. A for Alondra, N for Ninoshka, and the other N for Nelly, our mother who supports us in everything we do and who taught us the art of jewelry making. We felt this was a very unique and personalized way to present our products.”


They sell bracelets for men and women, earrings, rings and necklaces. They mention how earrings made from vinyl fabric is their specialty, for it was rh initial idea that led them to their business, which started on December 2017.


Making and selling jewelry is always fun, yet these girls love to make earrings, which are also their best sellers. They mention how they love to create different styles to match their clients different personalities! On the other hand, necklaces aren't that fun, you see, with all the materials and their prices, necklaces can affect their price range and “we don’t like making pricey accessories because our main customers are students and, as students ourselves, we know how important is to save money.” Their hardest accessory to make are bracelets, with all the measurements, patterns and knots they can become challenging and time consuming, yet they make them anyway because they love the idea of creating something someone will love.


“When people acknowledge our work is very satisfying, is the fuel we need to keep going and let our creativity flow. Besides, the process can be very relaxing and fun.” said both, Ninoshka and Alondra.


To contact ANN Jewelry, you can follow them on Facebook as @AnnJewelryCollection, and on Instagram as ann_jewelry.


Ann Jewelry is constantly searching for new ideas to incorporate, for they love to keep growing and learning how to create new things. With this said, don't be afraid to ask if they can make any ideas into some beautiful jewelry.