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Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Memorable Moments

Game of Thrones has been on air since April 17, 2011, that’s eight seasons in 9 years. This fantasy-drama tv show has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide; it has also caused major heartbreak as it has killed off many of its beloved characters over the various seasons. Fans had to wait nearly two years for the final season, which consists of 6 episodes varying in length, from 50 minutes to an hour and a half. Season 8 of Game of Thrones is said to be the bloodiest season yet, as the show has confirmed the longest battle of the show with a duration of approximately 80 minutes… Sadly the battle doesn’t start in the first episode. But, here are 19 memorable moments from this episode:


  1. Jon and Bran’s reunion

This reunion was emotional for fans, (myself included), yet confusing as Bran answered Jon’s comment about being a man by saying “Almost a man”. Like, what do you mean lil’ man?

2. Lady Mormont telling Jon off about naming him King in the North

Yess lil’ lady. Jon did come back with allies that may yet be the North’s salvation but we loved Lady Mormont scolding Jon about renouncing his title as King in the North to bend the knee for a “foreign” Queen.

3. Sansa vs Daenerys

We can already see the tension these two women have, and the struggle Dany will have in regards of earning Sansa’s respect. Besides, it’s not everyday that your “half-brother”/cousin brings home a random chick demanding of your respect. Let’s see if these two share a moment in the future where there’s no tension in the air.

4. Tyrion and Sansa’s reunion

Mind us, these two hadn’t seen each other since Joffrey’s wedding… what a beautiful day that was.

5. Jon and Arya reunion

Now THIS reunion brought tears to my eyes. Jon and Arya’s relationship had always been the closest of the siblings’ and to finally see them meet once again after 7 seasons is just wonderful and emotional. Then, Arya showing Jon that she still had Needle was just the icing on top as Jon had been the one to give it to her before leaving Winterfell all those seasons back. THEN, Jon showing her his Valyrian steel sword… seemed as if they were comparing d*cks with their swords, cute and funny.


Cersei smiling upon hearing the news that the dead broke through the wall as she watches the Iron fleet arriving at King’s Landing alongside the Golden Company fleet...  issa mood.

7. Yara Greyjoy

The Queen of the Iron Islands is still kicking and breathing. The lesbians rejoice!

8. “You want a queen…  earn her”

Cersei Lannister, ladies and gentlemen, showing us once again what a badass she truly is. Yes, she let Euron Greyjoy bed her moments later, but keeping him happy is a priority given the war that is soon approaching, and Cersei is no fool.

9. Theon comes to Yara’s rescue!

… and alas Yara headbutted him in return. Just your normal way of showing sibling gratitud. But who can blame her, he did flee and leave her behind when Euron caught up with them.

10. The dragons ONLY eating eighteen goats and eleven sheep

Sound the alarms because even though they ONLY ate this they are barely eating.

11. Jon riding a dragon for the first time

No, not Daenerys, he already did that. But come one Dany! How does that not give you the SLIGHTEST hint that he’s a Targaryen… only Targaryens can ride dragons, girl… come on. It is known.

12. The kiss and Drogon giving Jon that look that said: “that’s incest boi, ya nasty”


13. Arya and The Hound reunion / Arya and Gendry reunion

Arya had left the Hound to die but they both survived. The Hound was even proud of her for that. And Gendry. Sweet, blacksmith Gendry. Do we ship?

14. Sam finding out about his father and brother’s execution by Dany’s orders

Sam’s reaction to his father’s execution was a-okay, but oh boy, when he found out that his brother had been executed alongside his father… waterworks. We did learn one thing after this scene, and that is that we do NOT want to see Samwell Tarly cry again. He needs to be protected.

15. Bran the Lurker

Jesus, Bran is always lurking about. How does one lurk in a wheelchair?! Someone please get him off the courtyard.

16. Jon finding out about his parents

“Daenerys is our Queen” yeah boi but she’s also yo Auntie and what you’re doing is incest.

17. “I’ve always had blue eyes!”

… and here we have the greatest line of the entire episode.

18. That kid…

Was I the only one who almost had a heart attack when that little kid in the wall screamed? Because damn boy. Also damn, that Night King thinks he’s Picasso or some artist with those dismembered arms in the wall.

19. Bran waiting for an old friend

Bonus from the preview for Episode 2:

In regards to the white walkers arriving at Winterfell:

  • “How long do we have?”

  • “Before the sun comes up tomorrow”

LITERAL CHILLS. The war will start either at the end of the second episode or the beginning of the third and we literally cannot wait!!

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