Five Thoughts We All Have When We're Hungover

If you're like most college students, then you probably like to hangout some (or several) weekend nights and get totally wasted to take the edge off during rest of the week The mornings after are usually filled with regret, self reflection and these five thoughts:

1. "Why are you like this?"

The classic question made famous in memes nowadays when we do things we're not entirely proud of, but will surely do again. It’s difficult to understand our actions sometimes, but it's important to remember to enjoy our youth and not overthink so much!

2. "I'm never drinking again."

To which you immediately respong to yourself, "you liar; of course you are."

Getting up the next morning after mixing beer with tequila, mojitos and jager bombs is a near impossible tasks especially for newb drinkers. Come to think of it, for all of us, mixing drinks is a sure cocktail for bodily destruction, but we all do it, right? So stop thinking you won’t drink again, because you will; self deception is bad.

3. "I gotta stop all this spending."

In college some of us can barely get by, with all the expenses adult life brings us, grants, part-time jobs and student loans are often not enough to survive which sometimes make us exaggerate our feelings of guilt for even spending the minimum amount of cash, like the guy up here shooting his money away.

4. "What would my mother think?"

Oh, moms, the blessed creatures sent down from above to guide and nurture us. But rarely would our mothers give us the attitude the lady above is expressing after getting totally tanked, right? Because they most certainly got tanked themselves and understand that we have to live our lives to the max. Well, hopefully. . . .

5. "I'm throwing my life away."

After chunking our guts out for the fifth time in our friends bathroom, we start questioning our very existence. Are we doing everything we should be doing? Are our ancestors rolling in their graves right now? The answer to these questions are: yes, we probably are, and no, our ancestors are not rolling in their graves. It's just the utter sense of self disgust we feel after getting canned; it will soon pass.

So there you have it, the five thoughts we all experience the morning after getting wasted. Remembering it's OK to hang out and indulge in alcohol, so long as we don't go hard all the time and take care of our responsibilities is really important. Keeping a positive attitude and enjoying our college years is a motto we should all live by.