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Five Things You Can Expect From 5 Días Con Nuestra Tierra

All photos taken from the 5 Dias con Nuestra Tierra Facebook Page

Every year, Colegio celebrates its annual agricultural education fair 5 Días con Nuestra Tierra. This year, the fair turns 40 years old so, needless to say, the celebration will be big. However there are certain things (nightmarish parking accomodations! field trip visitors! amazing food!) that will remain the same. Here’s a list of the top five things to expect from 5 Días:

5. Your favorite kiosks (and the long lines)

No matter at what time you go, no matter if you see the line empty and decide to go later, there is always going to be a long line in your favorite kiosk. But no matter how long the line, it will always be worth it. A Colegial favorite? Stuffed plantain cups accompanied with either freshly squeezed orange juice or a monster cup of lemonade. YUM.

4. The petting zoo

You can be in your senior year and you will always, no matter what, enjoy the petting zoo 5 Dias has every year.

3. The traditional opening day parade

The amazing parade the organizing group does is just beyond incredible. You will always find the university marching band and the flag bearers, as well as all the different student clubs from the Faculty of Agricultural Science that help make the fair possible, march and fire up the crowd.

2. The amazing people behind “5 Dias”

The amazing people behind this festivity spend a whole year organizing these five days, and make it happen. For an inside look at this year’s festival, check out our profile of this year’s 5 Días president, Fátima Barreto!

1. And last but not least, the thing to expect the most…“5 Dias con nuestro fango”

It doesn’t matter if it actually rains or not, 5 Dias will always turn a big messy mud pool. So bring your oldest, dirtiest shoes those days if you plan to go and have fun!


You can check out the full schedule of activities for 5 Días Con Nuestra Tierra here. 

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