¿Es en serio loca?: Date Disasters- Giveaway



·      “He was charming, buff, and quite possibly had one of the most well groomed beards I had ever seen in my entire life (of course no where near Ryan Goslings facial masterpiece). He told me the movie started an hour earlier than it did and when I arrived he took me out for drinks. 2 drinks and a few amazing conversations later, we went to the movies. We walked in and I was on cloud 9, I mean, great date, beautiful guy, what more could I ask for? The movie played and I was a sweaty palmed nervous wreck.  20 minutes later I hear someone snoring, and I looked to my left and there he was, a half slobbered sleeping beauty… talk about a hot mess.”


·      “Our first date was perfect, movies, ice cream, and then a goodbye kiss. Our second? He took me to the San Pablo Hospital CAFETERIA!!!! I was freaking out; all you could hear was congested coughing and people looking green and gross!! I felt like germs were crawling all over my body… I whined and complained and he probably thought I was a b*tch, but I just couldn’t handle that his idea of a perfect date was taking me to lunch at a hospital’s cafeteria…”


·      “I went on a date with the first boy I ever liked, but at the time, like the daughter of most over protective parents, I wasn’t allowed to go on date let alone be with a boy. Skipping along, the cutest boy in class asked me to the movies, and of course I wasn’t about to say no to my own version of Aaron Samuels. After school I called my mom and excused myself with the ever classic, “voy al cine con la nenas”. He was sixteen and drove around in his grandmother beat up Corolla. It reeked of Malboro cigarettes and McDonalds apple pie, but I was 14 riding on the passenger side of a cute boy's car, it's safe to say my dreams were coming true. We talked the whole way there, he was so dreamy, we parked the car and made our way to the line… and there she was, un-ironically dressed in off-white like a 5’4” version of Samara from the Ring, my mother. She took me home and the rest… well you all know how strict catholic mother can be…”


·       “What’s a date? ‘eso es chino para sola y jamona?"



·      “I was getting to know a boy when he asked me out. It was the first date and he told me he was taking me to his favorite restaurant, so I dressed up nicely. When we arrived I noticed we were at Buxeda Morgue, a funeral home… He told me not to freak out because the cafeteria food was supposedly really good. I started to cry because I remembered my great grandmothers funeral… The date was a mess, I cried the entire time and he didn’t even bother to take me to another restaurant. Talk about a DATING DISASTER… worst date ever!!!”


·      “It was Friday night and I was on my way to date with Miguel, the high school basketball player I’d had a crush for 3 years. Like OMG I was finally out the friend zone! He saw me arrive and came all the way over to my car to open the door for me and my heart instantly started racing a million times per minute. The dim lights, the cozy booths, it was perfect. We got to our table and talked for a while we waited for our waiter to arrive. And F*CK MY F*CKING LIFE there she was, my ex-girlfriend. We met in a Girl Scout Summer Camp trip in Guajataca. She was from Orocovis, I was from Ponce, she was Tarzan, I was Jane, WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE??! A few drinks later and too many awkward glances to count, the food arrived and she kinda giggled and I FREAKED OUT! So I pretended to accidentally spill the water on our food, and went to the bathroom to call my best friend crying so she would pick me up.  I spent about 10 minutes waiting in the bathroom before my best friend arrived and I ran out the door like Speedy Gonzalez on meth. It safe to say he never spoke to me again, as for her, a couple weeks later we ended up hooking up. If you’re wondering, I still love donuts just as much as I love hot dogs”


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