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I remember the first time I heard electronic music was in high school, and back then my father told me that it would be a fad and go away, much like all generations tell their youth about a certain genre or trend. However at that time, I could never imagine what would happen. The electronic music explosion was in full force with multiple sub-genres taking over the mainstream, more specifically dubstep with Skrillex being heard all around the island of Puerto Rico. While the popularity of that genre has died down on The Enchanted Island, other electronic sounds like electro-disco and even vaporwave have taken the music scene’s attention. Among the many artists to explore these sounds are Buscabulla, Bairoa, Labajura, and Furry Vowels all of which have made a name for themselves either on the island or the Diaspora. While Buscabulla is set to perform in this year’s Coachella, Bairoa recently released his first EP with Barlovento, and Labajura is set to release another project later this year. But on March 2nd, Furry Vowels blessed listeners with a short-yet fun project with the release of EP 1.

(cover art for EP 1)


Furry Vowels’ EP 1 seems to be a test project, delivering only three songs which barely pass the span of ten minutes. EP 1 is a short yet precise experiment where the artist seems to be giving the listeners just a taste of what he can do. The EP delivers some smooth synths and light electronic drums, which will have anybody listening laying back, closing their eyes, and enjoying the sweet sounds as found in the first two tracks “Devora Diamantes” and “Cronocrímenes”. However, if one connects “Cronocrímenes” and the last tune, “Talarias”, one can either chill or straight up dance, and this is what makes the project so good; the artist knows how to balance sounds in order to create a mood. He starts EP 1 by providing a smooth laid back track, continuing to the  the second track which gets you dancing a bit so that by the third you’re ready to keep dancing until the project ends where you’ll sit back and relax once more. However, while Furry Vowels manages to execute what he delivers perfectly, it leaves one asking for more.

(logo for Furry Vowels by Derick Joel)


Furry Vowels delivers a short and very well balanced project where he manages to show off his ability to set up a vibe. However, this project can leave listeners wanting a little more. In a time where quantity is praised over quality, I totally understand with Vowels going against the mainstream and focusing on presenting a concise first EP. Nevertheless, I feel like perhaps two more songs would’ve made this a better project. Sure, the three tracks are perfect and compliment one another, but perhaps a five song EP that would’ve lasted 15 to 16 minutes would’ve made it more listenable. Yet one can’t help but feel that, as stated before, this is a strategy for the artist to see the listeners’ reception. Perhaps he wants to see how people react before delivering these tracks along with a full-length project, or maybe he has more EPs coming this year and he wants people to savor these before receiving the pleasure of listening to the rest; after all the project is called EP 1.

(Furry Vowels logo found on the artist’s Facebook page)


Furry Vowels’ first musical delivery is a great yet short production that gives listeners an introduction as to what the artist can do. By balancing laid-back and danceable music, the musician demonstrates his ability to create a vibe and mood. However, while EP 1 showcases the artist’s ability to make some great ambient music, it also leaves listeners wanting more, which might in fact be the musician’s strategy for his 2018 artistic plan. Nevertheless, Furry Vowels EP 1 is a great addition to anybody’s electronic music playlist.

Listen to EP 1 on Spotify

Fernando E. E. Correa González is the author behind over 20 self-published poetry books. He has been published by literary magazines & journals [Id]entidad, El Vicio del Tintero, Sábanas Magazine, Smaeralit and Tonguas. Other than writing, Correa is also a filmmaker, podcaster, photographer and master’s student. He currently lives in his native Puerto Rico.
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