Colegio's Annual Student Art Exposition

Last night, the Annual Student Art Expo was held at Chardón’s Gallery and hosted by the Taller Artístico Creativo Universitario (TACU). The Annual Expo focuses on highlighting and showcasing the talent of students as well as their hard work, by exposing some of the pieces they’ve worked on during the semester. The event started with a presentation by TACU, followed by a recognition to the artists involved, where they were awarded with certificates of participation. With this, Chardón’s Gallery opened its doors for family, friends, and professors to enjoy.

Jahaira Vega Ramírez’s sculpture Constante dicotomía represents an abstract form of the Ying Yang and how “we [the human race] are constantly in a dichotomy of what’s good and bad—it’s this inside battle that we always have present.”

Génesis Irizarry really wanted to represent how the Puerto Rican traditions are always present through her painting Tradiciones nunca mueren. That's why her painting features a skull surrounded by poinsettia flowers, also known as pascuas, because it represents how, “regardless of all the bad things that happen in our small island [our traditions] still manage to always be present.”

John Henry Ramos López's piece is titled Ni el café me ayuda. The artist created this painting for a class project while he was also working as a graphic designer for eight different companies. “It was a moment full of stress,” he expressed. The piece is a self-portrait of the artist on his way to college, while sleep-deprived, “with a cup of coffee in hand and pigeons all over [him], but which [he] doesn’t even notice because not even coffee can help [him].”

Kevin G. Mejías Ruiz Curvas de Oro’s detailed drawing is a portrait of the artist's grandmother. Kevin wanted to represent her intelligence, age and, maturity. “I wanted to make [a portrait] of her because she’s getting old and maybe some day she may not be here with us, but we’ll always have this portrait to remember her by.”

Fernando Ortiz’s piece is titled Overlooking the City. Fernando found himself really intrigued with his perspective art class. He started practicing with light and contrast, and realized that they only painted mountain landscapes in class.  “I really wanted to see how it would look like in a futuristic city", he had mused, and because at that same time Fernando was listening to a Star Wars audio book, "all of that mixed together, and the piece Overlooking the City was born.”

The Expo is going to be open until Friday, September 29, so be sure to go check the amazing pieces our talented Colegiales have created and shared with us.