ClauLamb Photography

Psychology student Claudia Cordero is the face behind the cameras of ClauLamb Photography. Since she was just a toddler, she loved the idea of making “movies,” so with a really old point and shoot camera her mom had gotten her for her 7th birthday, she gathered her friends and started making, “really bad and cheesy scripts, and as I can recall, I was making movies.” Later on, at the age of twelve, her grandma gave her a computer and she started editing the footage until the videos had some sort of purpose. She mentions that she didn’t take any classes; she just taught herself through the years, mostly with YouTube tutorials.

    “When I started college, as I’m sure many can agree, my time was literally chopped in half. Suddenly I didn’t have the time to do what had formed the biggest part of myself. And, coming back to the question, my interest in photography emerged by pure coincidence. It’s what generously filled that empty space. I realized that, as they say, a picture can truly say a thousand words. Looking back, I honestly find it so important to document certain moments in your life– even more so if your memory is not that great (like mine). All of my friends can attest that I will always have a camera pointed at their faces, especially Jane, my best friend without a doubt, in years to come, memories like these will mean the world. Even with something as simple as a picture.” She explains with a smile.

    Claudia usually takes pictures of her friends, yet she loves the idea of capturing a moment that means something, or whatever looks aesthetically pleasing.

 The photograph above is her favorite one, as it’s her best friend, Jiniris. She’s currently studying abroad in Spain and after the hurricane back in September, Claudia booked a flight to go see her. One day as they were canoeing and joking around, she snapped this picture. “Simply put, this picture just brings me back to an unfathomably happy time. One of the best in my life. Just me and my best friend hanging out on the other side of the world.”

Her favorite part about what she does is coming up with ideas on poses and playing with locations when doing a photoshoot, and when it’s a regular picture, she loves feedback. It doesn’t matter to her if it's negative or positive, as she enjoys listening to them, for it’s her way of improving her work and seeing what works and what doesn't.

She recalls one of her weirdest requests being asked to  do an American Horror Story: Asylum-themed shoot, but with a “life at the farm” twist, even though she had no idea what that meant. Sadly, the request was withdrawn before she could even reply.

Why ClauLamb, you may ask? She explains that all of her closest friends call her Clau, a they all have this ongoing joke about lambs, since her last name is Cordero. She merged those two together and came up with ClauLamb as her brand name.

If you want to up your profile picture game or are in need of great, aesthetically pleasing Instagram pictures, you should contact ClauLamb. You can go follow her on, email her at [email protected]. She can offer a shoot or an edit and is open to any ideas you may suggest. Feel free to contact her, as I promise you won’t regret it!