A Cheesy Puertorrican Experience


Social media is the center of our lives, both figuratively and literally speaking. We get every single bit of updated info from cyberspace, and this means that most of the places we yearn to go are mirrored through this fantastic, yet addictive universe. Like most of us, I spend hours scrolling from post to post. This is how I found “Cuatro Gatos: Brunch, Artisan Mac N’ Cheese, Street-food.” Behold, the cheesiest place you will find in the west part of Puerto Rico. Located between the cities of Hatillo and Arecibo, the way there is paved with a to die for scenery.  It does take a little while to get there, considering the crazy amount of traffic lights, but other than that you can enjoy the trip, windows rolled down and the stereo on full blast. Or if you’re like me a light playlist featuring, yours truly Bad Bunny.

Back to “Cuatro Gatos,” when I clicked on that random add that appeared on Facebook, I was entranced by the fact that their specialty was Mac N’ Cheese, not an easy feat to conquer with our puertorrican palate. Nevertheless, I really wanted to eat there so I googled some reviews, just for the sake of knowing what I was getting myself into. To my surprise it had a 4.7/5 rating, which means it’s pretty good, right?

                             Cuatro Gatos FB Page

Fast forward. We get to the place and its this quaint, wooden restaurant that makes contrast with the black and yellow theme they have going. Having opened its doors on January 2018, they advertise having “an unique restaurant with a fast serving concept, where delicious Mac N’ Cheese, Brunch, Wings and exotic drinks can be found. Their specialty is fast service at the best price.”

The waitress was very charming, gave us a rundown of their best plates and drinks, and patiently waited for any questions. Wanting the full experience, we decided to order the Mac N’ Cheese Fries as an appetizer. Nothing fancy, but it did give us an idea of the creativity and taste.

                                       Author: Mac N’ Cheese Fries

For our main dishes, we ordered the “Agarráte Catalina” (which is a pasta carbonara) and some parmesan wings with “bolitas de mofongo.”

            Author: “Agarráte Catalina” main dish

Author: “Parmesan Wings with bolitas de mofongo”

After munching on those delicious plates I can honestly say, it was once in a lifetime experience I would totally repeat. The cheese is creamy and the exact amount of salty that needs be, without it over killing the food. If you’re a cheese addict, this will be the most gratifying experience ever. But beware, the cheese can get overwhelming if you overdo it.

It’s all up to you and your taste buds. So remember, if you’re visiting PR or live here and have no idea what other place to try out. Check “Cuatro Gatos” you’ll definitely be in for a treat!